Health insurance premiums to rise 24% because of Obamacare

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Finding out what’s in it: Because of Obamacare, health insurance companies across the nation are requesting rate increases next year ranging from 8 to 65%, with the average increase running about 24%.

Too bad no one predicted this, except for every conservative think tank, every Republican politician, and the entire Tea Party movement. Luckily, President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party had our backs, and ignored those predictions. Otherwise, where would we be?


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  • Cotour


    I heard this story on the John Bachelor Show last night, it was the segment just before R. Zimmerman’s Behind The Black segment. Its the story of a publicly traded company called Vascular Solutions.

    Criminally charged by the Justice Department for “off labeled use” of a minor product that they produce.

    5 years.

    120 lawyers


    25 million dollars

    Result, CEO found not guilty on all counts by a jury.

    Lesson? There is a government shake down of industry and individuals system in operation in our country. Very similar to the confiscation of assets when not even charged like in the structuring example and when cash, cars and other assets are taken without even charges or a verdict.

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