Heath insurance premiums skyrocketed because of Obamacare

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Finding out what’s in it: A new study has confirmed that Obamacare caused dramatic cost increases in health insurance premiums in 2014.

Read the article. Its facts are indisputable and quite depressing. Obamacare is destroying the health insurance industry, which in turn will eventually destroy the health care industry.

Why anyone would vote for the people that gave us this law is beyond my comprehension. Unfortunately, millions are going to, and based on my analysis of the trends of recent polls, the Republicans might get a majority in the Senate but just barely. In a sane world (as used to happen in the past), this would instead have been a landslide election, the voters kicking the Democrats out of power and thus forcing that party to clean house and find better people to run as their candidates.

Sadly, too many Americans instead seem to be as disconnected from reality as their leaders, and increasingly choose party over reality and bankruptcy over competence when they vote.



  • Cotour

    Single payer government controlled healthcare is the goal of Obamacare, they are right on target. And when I say “they” I mean the republicans also, as long as they have a new mode of control over the people and their ability to pay taxes they will take it, who cares from where it comes?

    And there will be no bankruptcy, of the people yes, of the major healthcare company’s no. Obamacare has created the direct tap root and guaranteed cash flow from the government (read the tax payers bank accounts) to the company’s.

    Let us not be naive.

  • Max

    I agree with you Cotour, and would add the ultimate consequence of this is the power over life and death.
    Hitler’s fascism was to overt. This style is more Subtle. To withhold medications due to budget cuts to get rid of the unwanted. Mandatory vaccinations with the little extra additive for those who are old or useless eaters.
    Your choice of being healthy or not is no longer yours to make.

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