Here’s some evidence that in trying to spin his earlier lies, Obama has only lied again.

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Here’s some evidence that, in trying to spin his earlier lies, Obama has only lied again.

Yesterday, the President said in Boston that the millions of people who are getting cancellation letters ending their coverage in the individual health insurance market are being saved from “substandard plans” that were sold to them by “bad apple insurers.” …

Are health insurance plans in the individual market substandard? Not the overwhelming bulk of them. How do I know that? Because individual health insurance policies have been regulated for decades by the states. Every policy sold in a state has to be approved by that state’s insurance commissioner. Have you heard about the longstanding debate over whether or not states over regulate this market with too many state health insurance coverage mandates and policy requirements?

In other words, Obama lied about Obamacare allowing you to keep your plan. Now that millions are having those plans cancelled because of Obamacare, he has made up a new lie: Your plan stinks, and only he knows the right plan for you.

Not you. Not your state government. Not the insurance company. Only he knows what’s best.

How nice of him.



  • Joe

    Sounds like a Dictator!

  • mpthompson

    Worse. A fascist dictator.

  • D. K. Williams

    I wonder which of O’s spinmeisters came up with the “bad apple” line.

  • JWing

    It’s time to kick out both parties’ useless political hacks and demand term limits. Term limits is the first measure to cure the disease in DC.
    I am currently reading Mark Levin’s “Liberty Amendments” and what he proposes makes sense.

  • Pzatchok

    Term limits will only kick out those we want in power along with those we want to go out.

    The better idea is to get more and trusted news networks to fairly cover the all sides in politics.

    The better idea is bring back trust in our election system by demanding simple voter ID laws. Not ones with convoluted requirements attached. And provide the ID’s free of charge to citizens.

    And then make sure our children and their friends learn the constitution and the founding fathers the correct way. Not in some twisted fashion like they teach in high school now.

    It will take effort and time but we can take back all we think we have lost and then some. For its not really lost, just hidden by jesters who seek to rule us in their fashion.
    Over the years we have willingly given up what we think we have lost. Given up because of sloth on our parts. We are the ones who didn’t work hard enough in the past and its us who will have to work twice as hard to gain it all back.
    And its us who will have to teach our children to carry on the fight after we are gone from this earth. We are never really gone as long as our lessons remain and are taught again to all succeeding generations.

  • John M. Egan

    We already have term limits- it’s the ballot box.

  • Cotour

    Your funny!

    You list THE three major items that the left has strived over the past 50 years to control:

    1. Media networks, the majority of which are inhabited with “true believer” talking heads defending and spewing the party line without even a thought about objective journalism.

    2. Voter ID, a big no, no and an outrage according to the left.


    3. Education, and specifically teaching the Constitution. The first being totally under the thumb for the most part until recently of the left leaning teachers unions and second the specific omission and the rewriting of Americas origin history

    Our only hope IMO that is based in reality is a point where the people who actually pay the bills rise up because they see that their own self interest has been compromised. The problem being that this administration is on a mission to hand the keys to the asylum kingdom over to a minority population of inmates under the banner of Americas guilty success.

    Like I said, your funny. This cycle may take a whole generation (25 to 50 years) or two to shake out and by then unfortunately America and its Constitution will be unrecognizable.

  • Edward

    The ballot box does not work well when the field is tilted in favor of the incumbent. Or if one party is willing to stuff the ballot box. Or if the press presents the news in favor of one candidate/party over the other.

    A fairer news media is a better idea than term limits, but since we have free speech and free press, they are allowed to be used more heavily for one politician/party than the other. Statutory term limits are still a good idea, even though such limits are not the best or “silver bullet” idea. They could be useful as part of an overall program of governmental reforms. Reforms that return control of our government and lives to We the People, not They the Tyrants.

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