Higher premiums, less generous coverage, and more paperwork!

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Obamacare for small businesses: Higher premiums, less generous coverage, and more paperwork!

As the writer at the link adds, “What’s not to like?”

Aren’t you glad the Democrats have stood firm for this law, through thick and thin, even forcing a government shutdown to prevent even a minor change to it? And doesn’t it warm your heart that there are rumors that the Republican leadership is considering backing off its push to have the law repealed?



  • wade

    I like Al Capone and his administrative Skills .We as a people are being Regulated and Charged by the Current Leadership and their Master to a Point of no return. Just look at the Acts against the Power Plants that supply our electricity. . and the “commoners” revel at the low gas prices while an old woman and I tell them that This is Not Good and is a signal that Our once Great Nation is in Deep Peril . These gas prices will Continue to Fall to a Very low point at which a majority of Americans will Not have the money to buy gas ,let alone to afford a meal for their families.Since the year 2009, all of us are Witness to the Economic Collapse of the United States of America. The Worse is yet To Come.

  • wade

    when Stocks are High it signifies that Sales are Low. when Sales are high then Stocks are Low. Have a look at the Stock Market Exchange, and even IT is propped up by Fake Money generated by the Fed in an effort to keep Our country “on the board” . This Pretend Economy is on the verge of Total Collapse The “money flow” experienced in the 1990’s may return outside of 20 years., but for Those People still trying to Live That Lifestyle are indeed wondering at this point Where did the money Go. To them I say, I like the Ukraine

  • wade

    There are Many high tech Rifles available. Call me “old fashioned” but I still love the Thompson .45 sub machine gun.

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