Highlight video reel of Falcon Heavy launch

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One of the creators of a television science fiction series has produced a highlight video, set to David Bowie’s “Life on Mars?”, of the first Falcon Heavy launch that shows some new footage of the core stage watery crash.

I have embedded the video below the fold. To me, the best part is the footage of the spectators, including the many children, wonder-struck by the launch. Some of that footage is very reminiscent of footage taken during the Apollo Saturn 5 launches in the late 1960s.

To the next generation: We are going to the Moon — and beyond. And this time we are going to stay.



  • Kirk

    The center core overshoot video starts at 1:11, and is the first of that event which has been publicly released.

    Also interesting is the footage from 0:44, which is the first I’ve seen from the camera being mounted on this Fixed Service Structure in this photo. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DWkc0DkU8AEfekz.jpg

  • Jason

    The song played is actually David Bowie’s “Life on Mars?”

  • Jason: Whoops. You are right. I will fix.

  • Kirk


    “We are building the first Mars, or interplanetary ship, and I think well [s.i.c.] be able to [do] short trips, flights by first half of next year,” the SpaceX and Tesla founder said during a question-and-answer portion of an appearance at the South by Southwest festival, according to CNBC.

    1) BFS hops be H1 2019 would be wonderful, but NYP seems confused into conflating “short” with “flights to Mars”.

    2) Since when would you “sic” a homophone in a quote of someone speaking? Oh, because CNBC messed it up and NYP is quoting them, but it still looks weird.

    3) It’s “sic” (from sic erat scriptum), not “s.i.c.”. When I quoted this NYP article, should I have written “… and I think well [s.i.c.] [sic] be able to …”?

  • Kirk

    … unless it stands for Society of Illiterate Copy-editors.

  • Kirk: What the Post here is doing is quoting from a CNBC report, that did a very bad job of transcribing what Musk said. The Post should have simply corrected it, instead of embarrassing itself further by compounding the error.

  • Jeff

    “To me, the best part is the footage of the spectators, including the many children, wonder-struck by the launch”

    I, too, was reminded of the 60’s Saturn 5 launches – some of which I saw live. Inspiring. Many kids will remember. Some may act on their dreams. Some may follow.

    One of the grandkids and I recently watched a live ULA launch on my phone while his mother was driving down the interstate. I love [most of] this future we are living in.

  • Doug

    It’s funny how the Falcon Heavy looks like the back of the original Battlestar Galactica coming out of the hangar :)

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