Highlights from Elon Musk’s Reddit session yesterday

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Link here. Musk focused a lot on the technical engineering stuff that the geeks love. The take-away is that development is proceeding on the big rocket that will make the Falcon Heavy seem small, and that they are definitely incorporating the idea of point-to-point Earth transportation into its design.

Let me add that Musk needs to come up with a usable name for his big new rocket. A name that includes an obscenity, as it does now, is not good marketing. And if it is, then we are closer to the coming dark age than I can possibly imagine.



  • Calvin G Dodge

    It’s interesting that BFS can do SSTO on its own. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean it would have enough fuel to land.

  • Diane Wilson

    “Big Falcon Rocket.”

    Yes, it does need another name, and “Eagle” has been used already.

    Still, you have to admit that Musk is sitting in the catbird seat.

  • Lee S

    Ahhhhhh….. chill out…..
    It’s a nerd friendly reference to the BFG in doom… ( the first first player perspective computer shoot ’em up)
    I’m sure it will be renamed by the time it becomes anywhere close to commercial, but for now Musk is pitching to his audience… and I gotta be honest… I’m sitting there…. the name is hilarious, in matching with the ambition…. just enjoy the rather clever uplifted finger to the rest of the launch industry for what it is….
    ( while admitting if it wasn’t for the schoolboy attitude of “F# you”, we wouldn’t finally be rushing past the “holding pattern” we’ve been putting up with for way too many years…. ;-) )

  • Dre

    He needs to name it BTB

  • Mitch S

    Ferrari announced they’re coming out with an SUV and calling it an “FUV”.
    There have been times I’ve muttered that to SUV drivers who are too busy on their phones etc to drive but never thought it would entice someone to drop 200 grand+ on a fancy truck!

  • I can’t say I have a problem with BFR: a little fun and edgy enough to be cool with the slide-rule folks. Diana Wilson has helpfully supplied the ‘G’ version. In private space, I’d say Musk leads the pack for BDH status.

  • LocalFluff

    @Calvin G Dodge
    It’s interesting that BFS can do SSTO on its own. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean it would have enough fuel to land.

    That is standard Musk strategy: Total dominance in every respect.
    The upper stage is of course dimensioned to launch (at least 20 tons) of payload mass to orbit cheaper than any other launcher can do, even without its first stage. It’s designed to launch from Mars anyway, so why not make it much better than any rocket ever made for use on Earth too? It would seem stupid not to do that.

  • wayne

    …standard Musk strategy….

  • ken anthony

    Dirty minds… there is nothing obscene about big falcon rocket. Is firetruck obscene? (A word that begins with’F’ and ends with…)

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