Hillary Clinton and her Russian connections

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Link here. The article delves into events from 2009-2010 that suggest the Russians had gained significant leverage and influence over Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at that time, so much so that she actually worked to get ten arrested Russian spies released back to Russia prematurely.



  • wayne

    Jeez, what can I say? “I’m shocked.”
    Unfortunately, nothing is going to change unless or until something extremely harsh is imposed on these mastermind’s.

  • Gene


    just ask her, she’ll tell you…

    She’s stupid. That’s why Bill & the wench copied so many FBI files while they were in the white house.

  • Noah Peal

    After a while, don’t Clinton Crime Syndicate stories get to be old news? Everyone knows they’re corrupt, but “the system” never seriously challenges them. As Dinesh D’Souza points out, they are “the system.”

    I, for one, cannot feign interest in another Clinton Crime Syndicate story until some enforcement bureau of merit issues indictments against Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea. Until then, it’s all a Kabuki dance: the Clintons sin, the loyal opposition expresses outrage, the Clintons pocket millions.

  • wayne

    Good stuff!

    >Big fan of Dinesh.
    It’s all about stealing and cronyism. (and it’s always a mole-hunt.)

  • Joe

    I cant think of any one that would want to testify against the Clinton Crime Machine, the amount of power and money they wield and the associations with other very shadowy figures would ensure no one ever speaks against them.

  • Cotour

    Listen to Newt Gingrich tell why the Congress is scared to take on the Clinton’s:


    “The leadership is scared of the Clinton’s, they still have a lot of latent power”

  • wayne

    Cotour– I see Lionel is hammering all this.

    pivoting to D’souza;

    ‘all crime is about stealing…’

    “Hillary’s America” Trailer
    Dinesh D’Souza 2016

  • Cotour


    Then came Trump, which was not supposed to happen.

    I am in the process of listening to this Lionel conversation with someone who is an expert in financial issues, particularly non profit foundations. It seems that the entire Clinton foundation octopus of corruption is base solely on the W.J.Clinton Library Foundation, specifically granted its non profit status for one and only one purpose, raising funds to build his library and presidential repository.

    https://youtu.be/UEPmy9Yu-Ow 1hour 24 min.

    An interesting and enlightening discussion that further supports and fleshes our Dsousa’s points.

    If Hillary is president Uranium One disappears, never happened, among many other activities against the interests of America and the American people, all while greatly enriching the Clinton’s personally. While I have written both that Hillary and her plainly and grossly illegal activities is unlikely to to be rectified and that her activities must be rectified, seemingly two diametrically opposed views.

    One point of view based in understanding the counter intuitive reality and depth of corruption in our political system, and one point of view based in the knowledge that at some point in time the people must insist that these offences to freedom and our country must be reconciled, no matter the disruption, no matter the cost.

    Its funny how things work out in this universe sometimes, sometimes the best laid and engineered plans turn out exactly the opposite of what that careful planning intended. Ask Trump.

  • wayne

    Charles Ortel has been researching (extensively) the Clinton-crime-foundation for some time. Go directly to his website for information. http://charlesortel.com/

    As I’ve mentioned previously, NY State has some of the strictest laws in the Country regarding non-profits and foundations, but the AG Schneiderman prefers to prosecute climate-deniers.
    -If I ran a Foundation in NY State, and did 1/1000th of what they have already provably done, I’d be in a State prison for 20 years.

    Unfortunately, nothing is going to happen to any of them, ever. And I mean never, ever, ever.

    I’d like to see them all in a State prison somewhere (preferably Alabama so she can cut grass on the interstate) Hillary & Huma can share a cell, they’re extra-special BFF’s, if you know what I mean.

    tangentially– the whacked congresswoman who wears the cowboy hat and lies like a persian-rug. In the Alternative Universe, her & her entire extended-family, would be rendered & disappeared, all the way.

  • Cotour

    Wayne, do you mean “Wipe it with a cloth?”

  • Mitch S

    The “Listen to Newt Gingrich ” link you posted is a vid with Lou Dobbs, not Gingrich.

    If you want to get a glimpse at why the Clintons continue to feel confident that when they do crime it’s OK, read Linda Thomason’s attack on Harvey Weinstein and misogyny in Hollywood.
    She is against sexual harrassement but when it comes to Bill:
    “One of the best friends I will ever have and a man I love dearly, former President Bill Clinton, has certainly taxed my feminist conscience, but always without diminishing my affection. I even helped write his apology to the nation for his own sexual misconduct, was sitting next to him when he delivered it, and believe to this day it was based on something that was none of our business.”
    The Clintons can assault and rape as they wish…


  • wayne

    good stuff.

    “She ain’t no waaayyys tiiirrreeed.” (except when her neurological disorder flairs up.)
    The ultimate revenge would be to cover her with Medicaid/Medicare (before she’s too far gone to really appreciate it) and send her to some nasty aggregate care-facility, staffed by illegal aliens, who steal the patient’s opiate pain killers and sleep on 3rd shift.

    yepper, with that darn cloth or something…

    (She’s such a cheapy…. Bleachbit is freeware.)

    Tangentially– I suggest we wrap crime-tape around the Google mothership, and have them cough up 8 years of Gmail from everyone in the Fed government who intentionally evaded the record-keeping laws. That would be all of them, including the RINO’s.
    -In the Alternative Universe, we would expropriate all Google’s assets, render & arrest the top 500 employee’s, and summarily disappear them all. Everyone else will fall in line and sing like birds, before they get sent to mine di-lithium, by hand, on an off-world penal colony)
    Forget the NSA, Google is where the real truth is buried.

  • ken anthony

    About the only way this crime and corruption will ever be dealt with is if America goes into an existential war where the American people get shocked into realizing that it matters.

    Then afterward, every treasonous criminal gets a very public firing squad carried on all channels around the clock until every one of them is dead.

    Sometimes a shock is required to get the heart working again.

  • Cotour


    I think just a revealing and in-depth trial and some federally mandated vacation time would do just fine. For the most egregious offenders the stripping and clawing back of their ill gotten gains and long sentences of real consequence.

    I think that whom ever offed Seth Rich or any other similar elimination might deserve the ultimate consequence, especially if they were a political operative working at the behest of an empowered politician. And of course the the politically empowered should follow right behind.

    And absolutely no plea deals for the empowered politician behind such “practical” exercise of their power.

  • wayne

    Highly empathize.

  • Max

    In largest contributor to Hillary and the Democrat party is George Soros. He believed in his cause so much that he bet $1 billion on the election and lost. (rumors have it that he spent $2 billion and is very upset for loosing)
    Now this popular movement has gained traction.

    So in response, he makes the secondlargest donation ever for his anti-American projects to fund insurrection and the resistance to last long after his death.
    With the money invested and the proceeds spent on hundreds of groups, like black lives matter, segregation and disunity of Americans will continue for hundreds of years.

    It all starts in the schools were there is an Army of useful idiots being indoctrinated. Like the NFL players, they just all want to be long to or feel part of something.
    “One-fourth of all black students in the Northeast and the Midwest attend schools in which 99 to 100 percent of their classmates are non-white. And the most segregated schools, interestingly enough, are found in–not in the bastions of the Deep South, but in Illinois, New York, Michigan and California, four very blue states. NPR”
    As long as the Democrats continue to divide us (The country), they have a chance of conquer. The spoils go to the victor for the bloodiest/boldest moves.
    As Ronald Reagan once said, it’s a choice between peace and prosperity, or 1000 years of darkness…

  • Cotour

    And lets not forget about these events:


    DNC might not like their secret communications leaked revealing their treachery.

  • wayne

    “It Feels Good to Be a Clinton”

  • Phill O

    Great video wayne!

  • Cotour


    I listened to a Bloomberg radio interview and apparently the Soros 18 billion must be moved, I think from over seas before a certain time frame set by Congress and that time is approaching, in order to save on the tax consequences. The highest number that the interviewee mentioned was a net worth of…..drum roll please…………………….26 billion. Thats a lot of fundamental change.

    The Soros Open Society FOUNDATION’S (Thats plural), this multi level foundation funding structure IMO is Soros’s game plan and how he provides himself with a level of deniability related to the Leftist causes that he funds and supports in his quest to “Fundamentally change” America. Sound familiar?

  • wayne

    Phill O;
    Definitely check out the original 1999 Movie, “Office Space.” (great date-night movie)
    Office Space Printer Scene

    Cotour– Soro’s is by no means the heaviest-hitter among the vast network of phony-baloney Foundation’s, (need I even mention the Usual Suspects at the Name Brand Foundations?) but he is perhaps one of the most ruthless, as demonstrated by his past Nazi-collaborator days.
    And everyone’s wife, uncle, and brother-in-law, all serve on each other’s Boards. It’s one huge financial-incest-money-laundering-scheme.

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