Hillary Clinton vows to investigate UFOs if elected

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Well, we now know her priorities! In a meeting with the editorial board of a New Hampshire newspaper, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton vowed to find out once and for all whether UFOs have been discovered by the federal government and kept secret.

Her husband Bill Clinton apparently tried and failed to uncover those buried records while he was President.

I am sure this reassures you all. While the Republicans are distracted by unimportant issues, such as terrorism, radical Islam, a weak economy, an out-of-control federal budget, and a corrupt federal bureaucracy that is abusing its power while failing to do its job, Hillary Clinton has her sights on issues of real importance.



  • hondo

    What’s worse – there is a segment of the population that eats this stuff up. Makes me question sometimes universal suffrage.

  • Jim Davis

    Various news feed are reporting that Clinton responded “jokingly” or “tongue-in-cheek”. I don’t think much can be made of this.

  • You are right of course, but realize that any Republican candidate who said the same thing “jokingly” or “tongue-in-cheek” would be considered fair game by the mainstream press, and they would quite likely spin it to hide the light-hearted nature of the comment.

  • Nick P

    So the unexplained phenomena is our atmosphere doesn’t exist unless the US Government says it does?

  • Cotour

    Thats right Nick, it only exists if they say so. (what ever it is)

    You do not comment on something like that or draw attention to it and give it credibility if you, 1. do not know exactly what it is and, 2. If you can not control or destroy it. (what ever it is)

    What can be agreed upon is that it is something being observed rather than nothing, what ever that something is.

    And I am sure Hillary’s comments were meant to mock.

  • Nick P


    “What can be agreed upon is that it is something being observed rather than nothing, what ever that something is”


    I have personally observed phenomena in the sky that defied explanation but I certainly wouldn’t claim it was grays from Zeta Reticuli. I don’t know how to explain it. It is unknown. My point was that I don’t need the government telling me that’s it’s happening or what exactly it is to know something is going on we can account for.

    I wouldn’t believe the government’s explanation anyway…

  • Edward

    Cotour wrote: “I am sure Hillary’s comments were meant to mock.”

    Maybe, but I thought the same thing when I first heard that Al Gore claimed to have invented the internet. I didn’t agree with him on many topics, but I was sure that he wasn’t that stupid to be serious about inventing something he so obviously hadn’t. Alas, I was wrong.

  • Cotour

    As per an example:


    A helicopter chases some glowing orb that appears to be under some kind of control in California, interesting enough. The more interesting thing to me is the number of the MUFON case, # 54,345. If the general rule is 5 percent of all sightings have no reasonable explanation then that would leave aprox. 2,717 cases that they have looked into have no explanation.

    So if there is something being observed, and there certainly appears to be something there being chased / followed, what the heck is it? (remember, I am not offering an explanation, I do not know)

    This is just one random example, there are many more. Like this: https://youtu.be/3BqLB72wtgc

  • steve mackelprang

    The UFO Hillary is talking about is referring to Bills infidelity, or : ” Unauthorizied Fooling around Observed, ” she of course has refused to confront this up to this point as it would reflect badly on her run for president, but once that hurdle is cleared, she can investigate.

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