Homeland funding bill fails

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Good! A large number of conservative Republicans combined with most House Democrats to defeat a cobbled-together three week funding bill for Homeland Security.

As of midnight tonight many Homeland employees will either be furloughed, or have to work without pay (if their job is deemed essential).

The Republican leadership continues to brainwash itself into thinking a government shutdown will hurt them at the ballot box, when all the evidence from recent elections says exactly the opposite. After the 2013 shutdown the press screamed “Republicans did it!” as if it was a bad thing but the voters rewarded the Republicans one of its biggest landslides in almost a century in 2014. If anything, shutting the government down appeared to help the Republicans win elections. The public wants the government brought under control. Moreover, every shutdown helps prove how useless and unneeded that government is, the exact position conservatives have been touting for decades.

Let Homeland Security shut down. We didn’t need it for more than 225 years, and we don’t need it now.

Update: Congress has hurriedly passed a seven-day funding bill for Homeland Security.

The AP story linked above does the usual media hatchet job of spinning the story to make it all sound like the Republicans caused all the problems. As far as I am concerned, the failure here is the fact that not enough Republicans stood firm. A majority did, but we are still stuck with that handful of fake Republicans, such as Hatch, McCain, Flake, and Graham, that screw conservatives every time.



  • Cotour

    But what about lone wolf Jihadis? Don’t the American people need the DHS to protect them from lone wolves?

    Does anyone have all of the statistics about how many times the DHS has averted the American people being attacked by these lone wolves? Maybe those numbers will be revealed as they decode Lois Learners emails. Lets hope we get this information soon so we know how effective they have been because other than providing 230 thousand or so people with a pay check I really don’t know what those actual numbers are.

    In order to retain their acquired power bestowed upon them by the American people in the last election the Republicans over think their strategy, because that is their main primary goal. They react and do not act and that leads to the weak vanilla version of the party that we so pathetically must watch surrender their newly acquired power.

    We are two years out from 2016, their power will never be stronger in the eyes of the people who have empowered them than at this point in the cycle and so they must use it! If they allow the president to attach the funding for his illegal and un Constitutional illegal immigration executive action then they are complicit with the president and defacto endorse his actions and that to me is the surrendering of their fiduciary responsibility and that is a synonym for treason against the Constitution.

    Do what must be done, lead the people of America!

  • Max

    I also agree.
    When true conservatives did not nominate Bob Bennett in the primary for his Senate seat they put Mike Lee in his place.
    They intended to do the same thing to Hatch you mentioned above. Oral Hatch spent $11 million to be nominated in the primary for the job he’s had for 40 something years. He spent another 2 million to be reelected against the Democrat. He took a vow on KSL radio after the election was over, that he will destroy the tea party with all the legal and political pressure at his disposal. The interview might be in their archives. (they are currently trying to eliminate the primary system in Utah)

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