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Hotel clerk loses her job and might be jailed for reporting suspicious behavior

Madness: A hotel clerk who called 911 because a Muslim man was behaving strangely about getting a room during the Republican convention in Cleveland has been fired and might be prosecuted by the local authorities.

Read the whole article. The Muslim man was asking odd questions, refused to accept the fact that all the rooms were booked, and had multiple cellphones. The article also includes the transcript of the clerk’s 911 call, which clearly shows she was not trying to profile unfairly but thought it wise to let the police know about what was happening.

In a sane world, the hotel and the police would simply drop things. Instead, the hotel fired the clerk, and the police are considering prosecuting her. And people wonder why Islamic mass murderers can literally announce on social media what they intend to do and no one reports it.


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  • D K Rögnvald Williams

    God help us.

  • wodun

    See something, say something.

    I am sure Obama will be speaking up to protect this lady, from the local Democrat party, who was only following his orders.

  • Localfluff

    The good side of this is that it is so easy to fix. Don’t need to invent something clever or send the youth out into the mud for several years as in real wars. One just has to change the attitude, it could be done over night. And those stone age terrorists would have no chance anymore. Maybe they then grow up and make themselves useful for society, 1400 years ago there was nothing wrong with them, it’s not genetical (I think).

  • Cotour

    See something, say something to help stop out potential terrorist / radical Islamic cell activity. Like San Bernadino, Like Orlando, Like Paris, Like Brussels, Like India, Like etc. etc. etc. Reasonable actions taken by reasonable people to ensure the peace and freedom of all. If there turns out to be nothing there then so be it, a reasonable American has taken reasonable actions, no harm no foul.

    What that actually means in the Obama / Leftist American bizzaro world that we are currently participating at the moment:

    See something “suspicious” and if that person happens to be of Eastern or Islamic or dark of skin origin say nothing because this current president believes and the agencies that he controls believe that Islam is a religion of peace and nothing that demonstrates anything to the contrary can be true and must be discouraged and in fact prosecuted to ensure that the message is sent. Open the borders and invite all into our country without any vetting what so ever, America must be fundamentally transformed because it was formed by elite white men who were naturally racist and oppressive and what ever that issued forth from them must be destroyed.

  • wayne

    Cotour– absolutely, Bizzaro-World stuff.

    Read that article at the link, raises even more questions, two of which come to mind immediately–
    –How did the guy get handcuffed? (That’s not the fault of the Clerk.)
    –What “law” did this clerk allegedly violate by merely reporting her concerns to 911?

    As Mr Z noted, in the world I grew up in, apologies would be made (just to be civil) & the matter ended.
    This Clerk doesn’t need to be “punished,” she needs to be promoted.

  • Cotour

    Wayne I have an exact personal analogy to this story:

    One week day last year I prepare my bank deposit which I proceed to drive to the bank and deposit using the window from my auto.

    This particular morning I was a bit ahead of schedule and I got there at exactly 9:00 AM and we all know that most banks open normally at 9:00.

    I am third on line and now its 9:15 and there is nothing happening, the bank is not open nor is the drive through window. No message from the manager that things are jammed up, nothing. This makes me suspicious so I get out of my auto and look in the bank and I see all of the employees standing in the center of the bank by the stair well (?). This to me is very unusual because I know all of these people, but I get back in my auto and wait and now its 9:25 so I again look into the bank and now I see no one. There is no one visible in the bank now (?!).

    Now there comes moments in peoples lives, just like this hotel workers, where a line appears and one must make a decision whether to reasonably take action or do nothing. This situation drove me to take action because it was so out of the ordinary. So I pull out of line and drive two blocks up the street to the police station.

    Now this was around the time where there were anti police shootings going on and as I get out of my auto and begin to walk to the front desk I realize that these guys have got to be paranoid as hell and my adrenaline begins to rise and I begin to get tunnel vision and sweat.

    I walk in and approach the front desk and I communicate the unusual situation going on down the street. I did not say that I knew something bad was underway I just told them that it was unusual and that maybe they should make a call and check it out. As I turn to leave I notice that a very large and armed police officer has appeared behind me and is close enough to deal with any crazy thing that might go on. I totally understood their caution.

    As I leave and get back in my auto my adrenaline is still pumped and my pulse is racing, and essentially nothing has happened other than making that decision that something reasonable had to be done, even if it turned out to be nothing.

    So I go around the block and I see a cruiser pass by and park just outside the bank, in the end everything was fine, I made my deposit and went on my way but I learned an important lesson about those moments that one decides to cross the line and take action because it is reasonable at the moment. Even if it turns out to be nothing.

    Given this hotel situation should I just now be getting out of jail?

  • wayne

    Your actions sound totally reasonable to me.
    More often than not– “if the situation feels weird, it probably is.”

  • Localfluff

    I don’t see the “moderate” muslims demonstrate against their radical “friends”. I don’t see the mass movement of millions of muslims who everyday explain publicly how they refuse to accept the abuse of the radicals. I don’t see the muslims categorically freezing out everyone who has radical ideas. It must be a mass movement of muslims demonstrating on the streets everyday against the radicals who destroy their reputation. The moderate muslims of course change the Koran so that it does not contain any hate against women or homosexuals and of course all muslims condemn sharia law and the tyrants dictators who destroy their home countries.

    Why does mass media not report on this mass movement of all the moderate muslims are actively fighting against the radical islam they sought refuge from, right? All honest muslims do fight religious violence and oppression, I assume, I take it for granted, of course they all do. The most important thing in the life of every muslim is to actively and publicly fight and denounce all kinds of radical islam. Otherwise I say that every muslim is an acute threat to his environment and must be treated as such.

  • Edward

    I see the problem as being that we all have it backwards: the Koran instructs in the ways of jihad as well as the murder or enslavement of infidels who will not convert. Islam is the religion of jihad, not the religion of peace. It is the radical Muslims who reject jihad and terrorism, not the moderate ones. The moderate ones follow the Koran, the ones who would change it are the radicals.

    There are not many Muslims who argue for the cessation of violence. There are not many of these radical Muslims.

    See Something, Say Nothing:

    Or if you DO say something (the right thing to do), do it anonymously!

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