House committee votes to release memo on Justice Dept surveillance abuse

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The House Intelligence committee today voted to release a memo the Republicans there have written that supposedly outlines the surveillance abuse committed at the Justice Department in connection with Special Counsel Robert Meullers Russian collusion investigation.

It is hard to say how much impact this much ballyhooed memo will have. Without the underlying original material (which they are likely to hold back because it is classified), the memo can easily be written off merely as Republican talking points, as the article notes Democrats are already doing.

It does appear however that it was connected with the removal of McCabe earlier today, as that event occurred after his boss, FBI Director Christopher Wray, was allowed to review the memo this past weekend.



  • Cotour

    Quote: The DOJ, “The Memo should not be released because it could undermine the public’s perception of the FBI and its competence”. (Sometimes I just can not believe the things that I hear, this is one of them)

    I think that horse has left the barn long, long ago, the head of this horse is rotten!

    The FBI as has the DOJ from the information that I have gathered are BOTH, not incompetent but have conspirators at the highest levels of their management attempting to usurp the Constitution and manipulate the peoples will! How dare they!

    There is a line in all things and that line is well understood by all who operate within which ever system a person may find themselves. These people in the Obama FBI, the Obama DOJ and the operatives in the Obama DNC and the Hillary operation have traveled way, way over the line and have arrogantly set up an outpost and have claimed territory in a very dark place. And as this entire mess that they have consciously all participated in surrendering their sworn fiduciary responsibility unravels many will fall in that dark place as the light of truth and the rule of law come for them. Let us not fail our Constitutional responsibilities.

    I think we can officially consider McCabes dismissal today and the subsequent release of the Memo in the following days the beginning of “ITS COMING” or the badly needed “Reconciliation”. When we hear of the indictments of the top people which should include Hillary, Bill, Huma, Podesta, Wasserman and very possibly Obama then we will know “IT” is here.

    Nothing has ever been bigger in America. (related to corruption, treason and treachery that threatened to fundamentally destroy America that is.)

    In the coming 2018 midterm elections we ask the question: What is it the Democrat party has to offer the people of America? Not much more than illegal immigration, illegal sanctuary cities and massive corruption. They should do well.

  • Cotour

    I think Comey is really mentally unstable and not living in the same world as most everyone else.

  • Garry

    Maybe this is Comey beneath the greasepaint They seem to be about the same height, and I think he may have a serious pity party in his future.

  • Kirk

    Since they decided to release the Republican memo, why did they vote against releasing the Democratic one? I’d like to see what both sides have to say.

  • MarcusZ


    About the 56 second mark.

  • Garry

    I agree, Kirk; I’d like to see what both sides have to say as well.

    If it’s true that the Democrat memo is pure politics, I think the Republicans would be better off if the public got to see it; it would probably go further to sway undecideds than just about anything else. By not allowing its release, the Republicans are letting resistance to solidify. If your enemy is about to hang himself, sometimes the best response is to give him more rope.

    No wonder the Republicans are called the stupid party.

  • wayne

    -Personally, I’m sick of hearing what the un-loyal opposition has to say, about everything & anything. I’ve had to listen to them manufacture lies wholesale for 8+ years, while the Praetorian Guard Media carried their water.
    -Forget FBI memo’s, what we need to see are obama’s daily presidential briefing’s from the period in question.
    -Nothing goes to the FISA court without the president being meticulously informed, on a daily basis. (And especially since he ordered it all, to begin with.)
    It was a counter-intelligence investigation, launched against the opposing political party, during an election, using made up ‘intelligence,’ paid for by HRC and John McCain, among others.
    For that alone, scores of people (and their entire extended families) need to be immediately rendered off-shore and summarily disappeared. (and I don’t care how that is mechanically accomplished.)

    Mark Levin:
    “Landmark Legal Foundation files request with FISA court seeking investigation”
    April 20, 2017

  • wayne

    Lee Zeldin (R) NY:
    –His Liberty Score at Conservative Review is 57%, and he’s up for election this year.

  • Kirk: I do not know if this is true, but the claim is that the Democrats have not allowed the Republicans to view their memo, and thus the Republicans on the intelligence committee do not want it released because they have not been able to review it for classified information.

    Note that the Republicans did make their memo available to everyone on the committee, as well as everyone in the House, prior to this vote to release it publicly.

  • Cotour

    An interesting analysis indicating that the entity “Q” sits with Trump.
    (Q: Is anyone here aware of or following the Q posts?)

    “Q” releases an exact Trump post time stamped 1 minute before Trump releases it.

    These posts are from Dec and indicate the McCabe situation and also indicates how McCabes wife turns up with $700K in campaign money from the Clinton machine, the FBI #2 and blackmail (?).

    That is how deep and broad this thing will go. McCabe threatens to “Burn down” the FBI?
    I say, go ahead. The FBI has gotten out of control and has become an independent political operator and King / Queen maker. Not really in the Founders master plan.

    What is the great equalizer in the 21st century? The internet.

    Certainly a double edged sword that cuts both ways but it certainly has its positive aspects.

  • Kirk

    Thanks, Bob. If that was the case, then voting against releasing the D memo until everyone on the committee has had a chance to review it sounds reasonable to me. I’m reading that they did vote to release it to all House members, so hopefully they are able to act on a general release soon. Personally, I don’t trust what either side has to say on this, and I’d like hear both positions.

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