House Democrats vote to move forward on impeachment effort

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House Democrats yesterday voted to move forward on their very partisan impeachment effort to throw Donald Trump out of office, without any evidence that he had committed “treason, bribery, or other high crimes or misdemeanors,” as required by the Constitution.

Only two Democrats voted with all the Republicans against this resolution, which establishes some very fishy rules for running this already fishy impeachment inquiry.

The resolution directs the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, Financial Services, Judiciary, and Ways and Means Committees to “continue their ongoing investigations as part of the existing House of Representatives inquiry into whether sufficient grounds exist for the House of Representatives to exercise its constitutional power to impeach Donald John Trump.”

The Democrats’ resolution specifies that Republicans in the minority on the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees will have the authority, with the concurrence of committee chairs in the majority, to subpoena witnesses and compel their testimony. If the chair does not consent, the minority can appeal to the full committee. It is common in other proceedings for committee chairs to essentially have veto authority over subpoenas sought by ranking minority members.

The measure also sets the stage for proceedings to move into a public setting soon. The resolution authorizes the Intelligence Committee to conduct an “open hearing or hearings” in which minority Republicans have equal time to question witnesses.

And, after that hearing is concluded, “to allow for a full evaluation of minority witness requests, the ranking minority member may submit to the chair, in writing, any requests for witness testimony relevant to the investigation described in the first section of this resolution within 72 hours after notice is given.” [emphasis mine]

Meanwhile, the only accusation the Democrats have against Trump are statements by two very partisan government bureaucrats that they had policy differences with some of Trump’s statements during his phone conversation with the new president of the Ukraine. No one however has identified anything Trump said that was in any way criminal and would justify impeachment, and you can read the transcript of the conversation yourself to see how relatively harmless it was.

This is the Russian collusion hoax all over again. Some partisan Democrats in the bureaucracy make some partisan accusations against Trump, based on nothing, and then the Democrats (and their willing accomplices in the media) run with these accusations. With the Russian hoax, the Democrats relied on a hack prosecutor, Robert Mueller, to play their partisan games, and discovered that this strategy didn’t work because Mueller was legally exposed. If he had proceeded with fake prosecutions based on no evidence he could have been very liable, personally.

The solution? The Democrats have foregone legal investigations, and are now doing a partisan and sham political investigation in Congress, based on nothing. And according to the rules above as well as their consistent behavior since 2016, I fully expect the Democrats to consistently block any testimony from any witnesses suggested by the Republicans. They will run this kangaroo court in a manner that will guarantee conviction, merely because they still refuse to accept the results of a legal election where they lost.

In a sane and more rational world, these Democrats would be out of office in the next election. We do not live in such a world. Their behavior was as partisan and as slanderous leading up to the 2018 election, and the voters rewarded them with control of the House.


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  • Cotour

    INPEACH THE PRESIDENT! (For one phone call? You go right ahead with that)

    A phone call is not what impeachment was inteneded to be about, but its what the Democrat party has in their desperation turned it into.

    What year was Hunter Biden brought under suspicion of corruption related to his and his partners dealings in Ukraine? Hunter Biden who brought nothing more than his famous and powerful fathers name to the game. Keeping in mind that the Obama administration did nothing in regards to reconciling any of this and essentially was complicit.

    Investigator John Solomon: “The FBI raided Devin Archer’s office and bank records in an unrelated case in 2015,” he said. “They show transfers of $166,000 a month and as high as $220,000 in one month going into Hunter Biden and Devon Archer’s firm. That’s a lot more than $50,000.” That indicates that several years before 2015 this situation was on going.

    And then what happened? In March of 2016, Trump is still not the president, Joe Biden in a braggadocios, egomaniacal stage performance quite blatantly tells his interviewer and an audiance that he “Told the president of Ukraine, Poreshenco, that if he did not have a particular prosecutor (Who just happened to be looking into Joe Bidens sons activities in Ukraine on behalf of Burisma energy co.) fired, he, Joe Biden would have a $1 Billion dollar loan guarantee withheld. “they are not going to get the $Billion dollars if the prosecutor was not fired’. “And what do you know, the prosecutor was fired”. That may be the clearest example of a quid pro quo in government that has ever been voluntarily offered by an elected official in all of history. ; Joe Biden: “What do you know, the prosecutor was fired”.

    The FBI long before president Trump became the president were actively investigating Hunter Biden and his partners activities, trading / leveraging Hunter Bidens last name, BIDEN, and transforming that into a very real and very large cash flow to the tune of up to $220,000.00 per month, to the tune of millions of dollars. Thats what I call real “money for nothing”, as the song goes.

    And obviously Burisma was buying protection from prosecution through the payments that Hunter Biden and his partner were receiving as is evidenced by the prosecutor investigating them all being fired at the order of ………Vice president, Joe Biden. This is who the American people want to choose as their next president? I don’t think so.

    President Trump took office on Jan. 20th, 2017. Long, long after the FBI began their investigation into the Bidens.

    Q: What is the job of the president of the United States? To allow corruption like what will without doubt be coming out about the “Russia Collusion” / FISA investigation and the origins of the Mueller investigation? Is this to just go on unseen and brushed under the carpet? I don’t think so.

    The president is the primary law enforcement official in the country and had directed his Attorney General to investigate as he saw fit everything connected to the “Russian Collusion” / Steele Dossier / FISA / Mueller investigation and their origins. Is it improper for the president to encourage the new president of Ukraine to participate in the now long and on going investigation into an investigation that has now caught up the former vice president?

    No it is not, it is in fact his fiduciary responsiblity to do so. Whether it relates to someone who may or may not become Trumps adversary in the up coming 2020 presidential election. Joe Biden and Barack Obama created all of this.

    The president of the United States can not allow him or herself to be cowed by the now ongoing desperate political strategies being executed by the Democrat party. And their actions are based IMO on the fact that they have a very weak offering to oppose Trump in the coming elections, plain and simple.

    This is however how our system operates, this is political warfare and these battles are fought as they should be fought, like their political lives depended upon each fight. And in the end everything that goes on in Washington is as it should be and the people ultimately will be commenting on how all of these players are conducting themselves.

    And that is a good thing.

  • pzatchok

    This all started AFTER the whistle blower rules were changed by the Dems.

    They changed them from protecting and applying to direct witnesses to a suspected crime to second party hearsay witnesses.

    “I heard someone say……” not “I witnessed….”

  • Cotour

    The designation”Whistle blower” is strategic cover so that this person who has second hand information comes under “special” law in which the Democrats can have more control and can further manipulate the system to their desperate ends. And he is not available because under questioning he will have to admit that Shiff and his people have created his testimony.

    Plain and simple.

    All of the new witnesses are an attempt to bolster the weak second hand information that has clearly been shaped by Shiff and his people. And these players are all just offering their opinions about what the president says and does. If you do not like the presidents take on things, then quit your job and make a public statement why you are doing so.

    Guess what the president was hired to do and what the office of the president insist upon? The president from his perpective making, formulating and executing policy as it relates to our country. In other words there are consequences to elections.

    I hired the president to do exactly what he is doing.

  • wayne

    “Dr. Trump”
    Louder with Crowder
    May 2019

  • Cotour

    Everyone has an opinion, but there is only one president.

    And in the end that president sets the agenda, whether you like it or not.

    And THAT is what he, or any president was hired to do.

  • Max

    Joe Biden invoked the presidents name when they told joe he could not withhold the $billion in aid. He told Ukrainians to call him. So Biden was not acting on his or his sons accord but on behalf of Obama placing him in the middle of all this. Hunter did not get the money because of his dad, he was just a trusted middleman that would get a piece of it. This deal occurred on behalf and because of the President of the United States. You do not receive over a million or a billion dollars without giving something back in return. I smell treason. Tit for Tat, quid pro quo, Pay to play, or just a cover charge for a seat at the table, Europe works this way and Americans are playing there game as if they had all the cards. Russia got uranium, China got stealth technology… Obama got 100 million, Clinton’s got more.
    China is playing to win infecting the entire computer Industry with their spyware. Obama and Hillary and Huntsman made it happen. What good does all this money do the Democrats when China can infect their servers, clean out their bank accounts leaving them penniless?
    I don’t think they do it entirely for the money, they do it for the thrill. As Katie Hill stated when she resigned as the leader of the Junior class of Congress for breaking House rules asking (forcing) a staffer to her home, showing her Nazi tattoos and asking sweetly (activest congressional subpoena) for the subordinate to obey in sex play. Why?
    She said;” I became involved in a relationship with someone on my campaign,” she said in a statement. “I know that even a consensual relationship with a subordinate is inappropriate, but I still allowed it to happen despite my better judgement.”

    Re-read that, it seems every Democrat has this type of argument with themselves, then when they get caught they blame it on there “better judgment” losing the argument ??? It’s not their fault, They had good intentions, it was for the children, homeless, refugees…
    Katie is going to devote her life to fighting revenge porn now, even though she and her husband was willing participants. I’m sure the congressional sexual whistleblower defense fund/slush fund will pay the sexually abused staff millions to be quiet as it has in the past.
    What was it that Leland ye, the number two guy in the California democratic party said? When the FBI caught him buying grenades, shoulder fired missiles, fully automatic weapons to pay for his reelection campaign? (A Brady bill Award winner for passing of stricter gun control in California, a professional child psychologist) he just had to do, what he had to do, make this world a better place… For the children.
    The X Republican supporter George Soros is opening his wallet and paying out more money than ever before. The fight is far from over and his influence extends to much of Europe. There are protests everywhere!
    It’s all Americas fault for showing the world how happy we are without socialism. We are free to think on own and not believe the lies that enslave others. (except in blue states like New York and California)

  • wayne

    Good stuff, ma’ man!

    Katie Hill — in the Midwest, we call it a ménage à trois, and those ‘relationships’ never, ever, work. They just don’t.

    Here’s the Guy we need to know every-single-thing about–

    Eric Ciaramella

  • wayne

    Katie’s alleged Nazi-tattoo. The Daily Mail published numerous compromising pics, it’s not however, an actual Nazi symbol. She’s definitely a bundle of psychosocial abnormality but Nazi-themed tattoo’s aren’t (apparently) her thing. (thank God for small miracles, eh?)
    She does like to smoke weed with a large glass bong, in her birthday suite.

    “The Gods of the Copybook Headings”
    Rudyard Kipling (read by Tom O’Bedlam)

  • Cotour

    Two years, and somewhere between $30 and $40 million dollars (?). I suppose no one will really ever know the final number for Mr. Mueller to deliver absolutely nothing in regards to Trump colluding with the Russians. Nothing. Zero. And make no mistake, Mueller and the people that he hired tried really, really, REALLLLY hard to come up with what the Democrat leadership wanted and needed.

    And these were the best. 20 of the best investigatory lawyers and prosecutors and 40 FBI agents, the best these government agencies have. And they came up with NOTHING related to Trump and any Russian conspiracy. Must be frustrating.

    And so now the Democrat leadership are going to attempt to remove / impeach the president for “A” (1) phone call to a fellow president who he encouraged to participate in a bonified investigation into corruption related to that failed Mueller investigation which will in time be demonstrated to be a fraud and a conspiracy by internal government agency heads from the start. And you must admit that the Joe Biden / Hunter Biden situation is a fairly well documented perversion of the vice presidents office for compensation flowing into and enriching the Biden family. Bothe from the Ukrainians and the Chinese government.

    What was one of Trumps first executive orders?

    “The United States seeks to impose tangible and significant consequences on those who commit serious human rights abuse or engage in corruption, as well as to protect the financial system of the United States from abuse by these same persons.”

    And guess who was apparently on that list? Jeffrey Epstein I would have to reasonably assume, and I would also reasonably assume, Joe and Hunter Biden would also be on that list. One down, two to go.

    Good luck with that Democrat leadership, you could not be much more desperate than you are, that is quite clear to me. You go right ahead and execute your plan, I understand it, you really have no other options available to you. Should work out well for you.

    This is the best time in American politics without doubt, soak it in and learn about what the Founders attempted to counter balance, corruption and abuse of power. Learn to recognize it for what it is.

    And everything is as it should be.

  • Cotour


    Elizabeth Warren proposes spending $52 TRILLION DOLLARS over ten years on providing healthcare to every American. Thats just for healthcare.

    You can not take this person serious.

    That would be nearly equal to twice the amount of money that government takes into the treasury per year, every year for ten years.

    The government now takes into the treasury $3.3 TRILLION DOLLARS per year at this moment in time through the collection of taxes. (Income)

    And then the government spends $4.1 TRILLION DOLLARS on ALL of the programs that it now provides. (Expenses) That includes military spending and everything else that it is now saddled with paying, including healthcare.

    And so I ask you: Can you take someone serious who proposes these kinds of fantastical mathematical calisthenics? And ALL of the Democrat candidates propose some version of these nonsensical proposals, essentially just pandering to a dependant segment of the population. None of it will ever happen.

    And you ask why the Democrat leadership thinks its a good idea to impeach the president? Look no further than their candidates for president and their ridiculous “American” agenda, which is so Liberal that it has become a Leftist / Socialist agenda. An insult to any American.

    Impeachment is really the only thing that the Democrat leadership has.

  • Cotour


    The Ukrain phone call whistle blower, Eric Ciarmella’s, qualifications to help have a duly elected president removed from office. FOR A PHONE CALL TO A FELLOW PRESIDENT. (Just a good soldier, so silly)

    “D” stands for desperation and it also stands for “Democrat”. When its all you have got left (No pun intended) you use what you have, and the Democrats are really at the end of their options.

    Registered Democrat
    Worked for President Obama
    Worked with Vice President Joe Biden
    Worked for CIA Director John Brennan
    Vocal critic of President Trump
    Helped initiate the Russia “collusion” investigation hoax
    Was fired from the National Security Council in 2017 for leaks, and returned to the CIA.

  • wayne

    In the hypothetical alternate-universe, Eric Ciarmella would have already been rendered off-shore.
    (“D” can stand for disappeared.)

    Alex Jones profanity laden rant discussing Adam Schiff
    (not for the faint of heart, it is brutal.)

  • Cotour

    Ah, freedom of speech, who could disagree with Alex here? Nice find wayne, and thanks for the adult language warning.

    The “Progressive” agenda is neither progressive nor good for anyone, its only ultimately Anti American under the guise of “equality”, “ethics” and “fairness”. Just one big BS job.

    A massive fraud being perpetrated on the politically naive and just dumb and uninformed.

    Yes, the go to strategy of the Left is to call your opponent a traitor, a Russian agent, when it is certainly the accusers who are fully in bed with the Russians as evidenced by the funds that have freely rolled into their bank accounts to the tunes of many millions of dollars.

    (See the Clinton Foundation and “donations” directly from the Russians related to Urainium One deal. Which of course has all been investigated and nothing unusual has been found. By the same investigators who have brought us the Hillary email investigation and the Mueller report. How stupid are the people of America required to be in these operators minds? Apparently very)

    Whether it be the Russians or the Chinese or the Ukrainians, our system is an open system and our Constitution essentially invites these people into it and it also provides what ever length of rope of freedom you prefer and you can either choose to operate with the fairly clearly laid out rules there in or you can hang yourself with it.

    The Democrats because of the desperate straights that they have allowed themselves to be delivered to are about to hang themselves. And the actions of the likes of Madam Pelosi who is bending to the will of the “Progressive” and un American far Left and Mr. Shiff will be first in line.

  • Cotour


    Of course I can get behind it, I invented it!

    The Likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren blatantly promote the confiscation of wealth from wealthy Americans and the super rich. I do not think that anyone who has ever heard them communicating there policy proposals would disagree. These are Socialists, Democrat or otherwise. No doubt, these are full blood Socialists just attempting to figure out how to sell their particular brand of perversion and corruption in a palatable manner to the American people. This must without doubt be rejected in the strongest terms for they are dishonest and they are incompetent.

    And so I ask: Where is it that these wana be presidents and “Fundamental” change artists get their thinking that the confiscating of wealth from their fellow Americans, how ever wealthy they may be is, 1. A good American idea? And 2. Its a good idea that that confiscation of wealth needs to be accomplished in order to enrich the coffers of the government and grow government?

    Where do they get their authority to think in such a manner? They propose that they are more moral and just than you. Do you really believe that?

    And so this is what I propose that the Congress should do in regards with all of this “Nasty” extreme wealth that the concepts of Capitalism in combination with the American Constitution exclusively has created and these Socialists think incessantly and obsess about and they should become in charge of. These are self righteous thieves, frauds in other words.


    Negotiate a bill in Congress where the government will incentivize through “special” private tax credits or other incentives for these wealthy and super wealthy Americans, any American really. Incentivize them to “Fairly” (what ever that is determined to mean) distribute directly an amount of their wealth that they determine is appropriate for them to private individuals who are helping create private businesses or other “good” public interest works (what ever that is determined to mean). Whether they be regarding paying for individuals or family healthcare, drug developement, technology, direct payments for education or vocational schools, or financing and building infrastructure etc. A clear quid, pro, quo between wealthy Americans and government and the intent is to grow and support the private sector directly and not to grow government which can ONLY become more and more oppressive and intrusive. (Ah, “Good” and “Intent”, you are a sharp double edged bitch of a weapon.)

    Now there certainly exists tax incentives at this moment in time that accomplishes similar incentives for the wealthy, super wealthy and the everyday American to do their good works. But I am talking about a pumped up system where wealthy private individuals can directly affect other private Americans lives, raise them up, and they receive their incentive from the government but the government is not directly involved, its in and remains in private hands. And this is the most important point, it eliminates from the equation the proposed confiscation of their wealth proposed by these clearly Socialist players. And it prevents government from receiving any more of these individuals wealth directly, through confiscation or otherwise, into the coffers of the government there by growing government.

    What will result from this newly proposed incentivization model? The first thing that will result by the implementing of this proposal is a level of fraud and corruption and bigger bureaucracy without doubt, just like in any other model where there are extreme amounts of money involved. And that would be for the wealthy private Americans to decide upon what is good and worthwhile and what is not. But the second result could very well be an increase in privately owned business and therefore an increased potential that the governments coffers will increase in a more natural manner while at the same time improving private Americans lives in real terms through real curated investment by other private American individuals that understand well how its done.

    Thus eliminating the need for these posing Socialist “doo gooders” (the doo is intended) and their incessant need to confiscate the private wealth of our fellow Americans. Its the concept of someone proposing the confiscation of private for the most part honestly made money of private American citizens money by other not so sharpe Socilaist Americans that irritates me so.

    Imagine, a world where these Socialist posers have no good use of their time other than to think about how they can think of and manifest real constructive business concepts and selling them to private American investors willing to really invest in the public and improve their lives. I suspect that they would most all die in poverty and destitute without their Marxist foundation of the state confiscation of freedoms and wealth.

    These Socialists and what they intend are Un American to the core and they need to be confronted with a dose of reality, real American reality and some real new “Progressive” ideas!

    (What ever this proposal might result in should the American public determine that a change need be made would certainly be preferable to the further empowering of the perverted and corrupt Socialist doo gooders amongst us.)

    And lets keep in mind, the only truly Progressive thinking in government and governance happened only a very few times in history, and one of those times was at the signing of the Constitution by real Progressives of their day, the Founders themselves.

  • commodude

    Cotour, the issue with progressives isn’t money, it’s power. Redistribution of wealth is a means to an end. They would just use the inherent graft to find other ways to manipulate the levers of power in their own direction.

  • Cotour


    “The first thing that will result by the implementing of this proposal is a level of fraud and corruption and bigger bureaucracy without doubt, just like in any other model where there are extreme amounts of money involved. ”

    Without doubt you are correct. And that is why our system is formulated in the manner that it is formulated with all of this political confrontation, rules, intrigue and battles, it really is the only way.

    And in the end the people MUST absorb it all and do their part by commenting at the appropriate time on all of the perfomances of those playing parts in this real world Game Of Thrones.

  • Phill O

    Have we lost sight of what the dems are doing in the background with the impeachment as a smoke screen? I believe they are reshaping the fabric of the USA as Obama did.

  • Cotour

    Its the Democrat party and their stuck pushing the “Progressive” / Leftist agenda which is a flavor of what Obama was pushing that we are witnessing. And that is their biggest problem, the anti and un American nature and honesty of it all. Democrats can not withstand an honest examination of what they say and do.

    The Democrats as I have been observing for quite a while now are still in their self created existential death spiral.

    Tell me, what do the Democrats stand for? I will wait.

    And the honest answering of that question is again the Democrats biggest problems. And what do you have as a political weapon in the political warfare that you are engaged in when that is the reality of your situtation?

    Stormy Daniels did not work, the “P” word tape did not work, the Mueller report after spending 2 years and $30 to $40 million dollars and the best investigators and lawyers of the FBI and DOJ I.E. “Deep State” have did not work. So what are you left with?


    Just another contrived scheme to fulfill your needed result. And that IMPO is the plain truth of what we are watching happening in front of our own eyes.

    And who is now to be focused on that existentially threatens the Democrat party and its leadership? Bill Barr, John Durham and Michael Horowitz. They must now be discredited and also called “Traitors”.

    Good luck with that.

  • Cotour

    The only question remains for me: At what point does Barr and Durham draw the line? Epoch Times IMO is the best reporting on this issue.

    This is what we are all waiting for and then we will understand the answer to the question above.

    IMO for the health of the country the line must be drawn very deep into the problem. And I also believe that the president will provide pardons for all who freely and fully admit to their part in what went on. And there must be indictments for Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Ohr, Ohrs wife, and several others with names we all know and several more we do not know. Up to the highest levels.

  • Cotour

    An indictor.

    This is an example of the “Progressive” agenda, and the progressive agenda turns all rational thinking about crime, homelessness, drug abuse, bail, murder, prison etc on its head. A system where the tax payer and good American citizen becomes the enemy and only a means to their parasitic ends.

    This police commissioner is resigning just as the new bail requirements go into effect. The city and state of New York is about to attack the citizens of New York with the Progressive agenda, and this will result in the Seattleization of New York and primarily New York City. Its going to get ugly.

    Who will full blood “Progressive”, mayor Bill deBlasio now appoint to replace this police commissioner and what attitude will they have regarding the new laws? I will take a wild guess that the replacement will be a gay or transgender, man or woman with no real experience of consequence.

    We will see, but this is all a part of the Democrat, anti American agenda.

    Profressive: “You don’t love me.”

    Normal American: “But I respect you”

    Progressive: “You don’t love me and your country was founded by the white man, Christianity and slavery, so therefore because your entire foundation is based on oppression, specifically against a minority of people like me, you must be destroyed.”

    Normal American: But I respect you as a human being, can we not come to some compromise?”

    Progressive”: Abosolutely NOT!

  • Cotour

    To my point: The New York Times, “the paper of record” crafts stories and actually makes them up to support the “Progressive ” agenda. Remember their anti Jew / Trump cartoon recently?

    Here the NYT’s equates the thinking that anyone can choose their gender and change their biology, but forgets to fully report the actual story and fundamnetal unfairness of the thinking. Which to me is a flagrant fraud. “You don’t love me so I must destroy you”. All based in the Progressive anti American doctrine, which in time will destroy all womens athletics. Soon the women of America will wake up. Well some of them anyway.

    All of the consumption of their faithful readers and true believers.

  • Cotour


    Why? Because Trump’s phone call was moving ahead with the on going corruption investigation when speaking with the Ukrainian president. And all of these “witnesses” to the phone call are just about opinions related to the policy that is the presidents alone to set.

    And who is and was in the cross hairs of the ongoing investigation? Joe and Hunter Biden for the exact reasons that are being revealed. Corruption and protection.

    And how do we know this? Through FOIA information that clearly demonstrates that Burisma used the Biden name and specifically the name of Hunter Biden, son of the then vice president of the United States, and they specifically asked for protection from being investigated. Which they were paying handsomely for to the tune of $160,000.00 per month to the Hunter Biden company.

    Burisma was paying protection money to the highest U.S. official they could get to. And that was Joe Biden through his son.
    Joe Biden would have been well advised to just stay retired instead of allowing his ego to dominate his thinking that he was at any time a real contender for the presidency.

    In the end given the actual evidence demonstrated here and the coming Horowitz report and the Durham investigation that has now been upgraded to a criminal investigation, the impeachment is exactly what it looks like it is. A strategic distraction being executed for the entertainment of the general public in an attempt to influence their thinking and choices in the 2020 presidential election. Period.

    The Democrat party and their leaderships existential death spiral continues unabated.

  • Cotour


    I understand a Democrat, Liberal or Leftist in America not liking Trump, both in his style and his brand of politics.

    But that does not mean that he should be removed from office for those types of reasons, nor does it justify the actions of a former president and the people and the heads of government agencies who surrounded him to conspire to spy on and to remove him from office. That’s a very big no no, especially when you get caught.

    All’s fair in love and war, and this is without doubt political warfare. But treason and sedition are a bridge too far as this all plays out within the parameters of the Constitution, and that is exactly where it appears this round of political warfare this time is going. And the counter actions to what clearly appear to be the illegal actions of a former president and the consequences for those who surrounded him and endeavored to spy on and remove a duly elected president will be severe. And that is as it should be.

    2020, a year like no other in American history, prepare for a degree of truth and justice never before seen or even imagined possible in America.

    And I fully understand that most all Democrats and anti Trumpers reading this message really have no idea about most all of this, they see things through a very different lens, but it must happen.

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