House Judiciary Committee calls for impeachment or contempt for Rosenstein

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On a partyline vote the House Judiciary Committee today passed a resolution requiring Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein turn over their requested documents in seven days or face impeachment or contempt.

I don’t think Rosenstein is worried, yet. The resolution doesn’t mean much, since the wimpy Republican leadership in the House has to get it passed there, and then it has to pass in the Senate, filled with even more cowardly Republicans and the obstructionist Democrats. However, this increasing pressure might make Trump reconsider Rosenstein’s employment. Or it might make Trump force Rosenstein to turn over the documents, as he is constitutionally required to do.


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  • Cotour

    Rosenstein is two things at the minimum 1. Conflicted and must recuse himself because he is a part of the Mueller investigation and is a witness in the case (It is not such a mystery that these actors have all been working with each other to cover for each other. None of these players should be involved in this investigation.) and 2. Is actively denying the Congress their due oversight and is protecting corrupt FBI conspirators and hiding the guilt and corruption that the documentation would provide.

    Rosenstein, just like St. Comey, must be fired, and I would also propose that Mueller also be fired and not by the president. I would prefer the Congress charge him / them and do the deed or push it to the point where the president fires him because he has no choice based on the actions of the Congress.

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