House proposes streamlined Space Corps within Air Force

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The House Armed Services Committee has proposed a streamlined Space Corps operating within the Air Force.

The bipartisan agreement calls for a single four-star general in charge of Space Force, compared with the three four-star generals the administration envisioned. It would also have fewer personnel transferred from other services into the Space Force, Smith said. “The main difference from the administration’s approach is less bureaucracy,” Smith said.

This is largely the same plan the committee endorsed in the House’s version of the 2018 NDAA, he said. The Senate Armed Services Committee, which has endorsed Trump’s plan, rejected Space Corps and the language did not make it into the final bill.

As always in Washington, the battle is between those who want to increase the size, power, and wealth of government, and those who wish to shrink it, while making it more effective (something it has not been for decades). The Democratic House plan appears to be taking the latter approach, while the Republican Senate wants the former.

Note how the partisan politics here are reversed. The Democrats in the House are pushing for smaller and more efficient government, and the Republican Senate is opposed, preferring a big unwieldy and unneeded Space Force instead.

In other words, politicians from both parties are not to be trusted. We need to make them all understand that we are watching, and that they will lose at the polls if they choose to expand this bankrupt government.

As for this House proposal, I am encouraged that the House is still pushing it. Hopefully the Senate will finally get on board.



  • wodun

    Looks like a turf war between the Air Force, other services, and a potential Space Force.

  • commodude

    The time has long since passed to end the turf wars in the Pentagon completely and unify the personnel and support functions. There is absolutely no need for each service to maintain their own medical personnel, their own personnel administrative staffs, and their own supply staffs.

    The Space Force isn’t a new battle, it’s just a continuation of a long existing battle, and there is too much graft available for anyone to give serious thought to ending it.

  • Alex

    Nah. Ships are Ships. Sailors and Marines know ‘Land’, ‘Air’, and ‘Sea’.
    “Space Force” ? Nah.

    Alex – ’68 – ’72.
    Blue Water and Brown Water Navy.
    Why not add Space Water Navy ?
    I would re up … er ah … re enlist?

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