House rejects extra $22 billion in additional cuts

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The House today rejected an extra $22 billion in additional cuts, proposed by the tea party members of the Republican party.

Though this is extremely disappointing, especially considering the large number of Republicans who helped defeat these cuts, it really only indicates the long and winding road that lies before us. Getting the federal budget under control is going to take time and determination. And it won’t be a straightforward path, always ahead. There will be defeats along the way. The important thing is to keep up the budget pressure, pushing one cut if another fails.


One comment

  • larry

    Emotional noise. Good catch.

    When i hear people talk like this it’s a good indiciation of a bullshit pattern. Drill down. Especially when dealing with Money. What’s the model? What’s the definition? These idiots have zero idea of business models – rather emotional control.

    What will these political folks do as we can detect bs vs real thought.

    I really dislike all these politiceans playing there bs shell game. Throw out a $# with emotional tones. Man, we should develop software to filter for this bs.

    btw i don’t care which political group, follow the money and it’s effect. Transparency!


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