House Republicans plan to pass more narrow funding bills in an effort to get some of the government running again.

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House Republicans plan to pass more narrow funding bills in an effort to get some of the government running again.

In recent days, House Republicans have advanced several bills targeting high-profile areas of the government impacted by the shutdown, such as national parks, veterans’ benefits and the National Institutes of Health. In turn, they have pressed Senate Democrats to take up the measures and ensure that at least some portions of the government can be funded while the two sides search for a broader compromise. Thus far, Senate Democrats and the White House have rejected that approach, pushing back on Republicans to accept a plan to fund the entire government at sequester levels.

Bills to fund the government have been passed by the House, controlled by Republicans. The Senate, controlled by Democrats, refuses to even look at them, even though those bills contain nothing in them that the Democrats specifically disagree with. Whose causing this shutdown then?



  • mpthompson

    With the MSM running cover for the Dems they can be as obstinate as they care to be without any consequences. It sucks for the rest of us, but that’s just the way it is.

  • Pzatchok

    Give it time.

    They WILL eventually turn on them.

    The first real sign was todays CNN interview with Wasserman-Schultz. The interviewer was just itching to go at her but was holding back and trying hard to give her a chance to sound reasonable. In the end she just sounded stupid and he just sounded exasperated.

    Turning down the individual resolutions only makes the Dems look like the unreasonable ones and the people do notice. The democrat people just hope the Dems in Washington have a plan, but the longer this goes on without that plan coming out the more they will start to get angry with them. And even the MSM cannot hide that anger.

    They will be forced to answer that anger with real questions for the Dems.

  • R. Cotour

    I think time is on the Republicans side as long as they continue to transmit that they are attempting to incrementally fund the government and the Dems are absolutely unwilling to budge. The Dems have a logic problem but they have the media covering for them, that can only go on so long because of the logic disconnect. But it must be sanely and properly communicated.

    Isn’t Ms. Wasserman/Shultz a delightful, Democratic breath of fresh air? It’s her lilting, hypnotic, Hydra like voice that does it for me.

  • R. Cotour

    I apologize for that last remark Mr. Zimmerman, it was un called for. I sure she is a lovely lady.

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