House will vote on Senate NASA plan

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The space war appears to be over. Based on several news reports, the House will vote this week on the Senate plan for NASA, not on the House plan.

Despite this agreement in Congress, the future of NASA remains murky, at best. As written, this plan forces NASA to continue construction of some form of heavy lift rocket similar to the Ares I and Ares V it was building under Constellation, but gives the agency less money and time to do it. It also hands out a lot of money to commercial companies for so-called launch services, but outlines few details about how that money should be spent.


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  • So far as I’ve heard, the only thing that has been passed in the Senate authorization bill. That bill is likely to be voted on in the House on Wednesday.. and if it passes it will go to the White House for approval.

    That leaves the appropriation bill(s) right? So far all we know is that the Senate appropriations committee has shown support for the Senate authorization bill, but they haven’t actually passed anything – is that right?

    So, while it’s fair to say that the battle over language has gone to the Senate, that’s only a minor win. As it always is with NASA, the battle over appropriations is what really wins the war.

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