Houston mayor says she will reduce scoop of pastor subpoenas

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How nice of her: The lesbian Democratic mayor of Houston has backtracked and promised to narrow the scope of the subpoenas her government issued to several pastors, demanding access to their sermons, speeches, and communications with church members.

She is still a fascist, as she is still going to go forward. She also has not yet specified exactly how she plans to narrow the scope of her demands, since as far as I can tell, none of her demands are constitutional or even reasonable.



  • Cotour

    I would be very surprised if anyone, no matter how this mayors mandate is reworded will submit anything requested.

    The coming election will be an interesting interpretation of how empowered politicians think and act. While Ellis, in the next story on the board postulates that Ebola and Marshall law are on the horizon he may be on to something, people may self restrict themselves due to the current growing viral situation and voter turnout may be lowered. That being said, the lowered voting would effect both party’s equally so it would be a wash (and I must assume that the Democrats will suffer extremely reduced participation due to the many blatant failures of recent days, months and years). And I suspect that the Democrats will take it right between the eyes in this cycle, not because the Republicans have seen the light and are so attractive but because the president, just like this mayor, have been revealed to be what they truly are, perverted abusers of the power that make self interested political decisions over and above the peoples interests and above the Constitutions interest. And we can certainly call them Fascists based on those criteria.

  • Pzatchok

    Dimocrats/Liberals don’t think they can be infected.

    They are safe so they will turn out.

  • Pzatchok

    I am praying the the LGBTSFARTS all start screaming at the mayor to not back down and to instead push forward even harder.

    This is their only chance to make a real change and influence the churches in a positive way.

    If they could just get the Pastors to think about what they are preaching then everyone will be loved and happy.

    ( I feel a little dirty trying to think of their excuses for this)

    Seriously, I hope she and the city council keep fighting and backing their stupid move. Even members of the left think this was reaching just a bit too far for too much. They will still back her, but they just hope this all goes away quietly.

  • Jake

    I know why the lesbian Democrat mayor of Houston wants the sermons.

    But I’d respond differently. If I were a pastor I’d invite her to come to church on Sunday to hear a sermon about Jesus Christ and His Teachings on human sexuality. Or even for a private one-on-one.

  • Cotour

    They may indeed think that way conceptually but in the end they will be just as uncomfortable as anyone else might be, party affiliation aside. So I disagree with you on this.

  • Cotour

    And I agree with you on your point here, please let them push it to the max.

  • wodun

    Even when you take the church part out of the equation, the government has no right to demand a group’s communications because the mayor doesn’t like the group.

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