Houston restaurant chain faces leftist boycott

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They’re coming for you next: A Houston restaurant chain has been forced to shut down its social media webpages because of leftist demands on those pages for a boycott.

And why is the fascist left calling for a boycott? The chain had showed a picture of them serving Attorney General Jeff Sessions at one of their restaurants, and this is unacceptable. At first the owner of the chain had released a statement saying that the picture was not an endorsement of the Trump administration, noting that the photo “does not represent us supporting (Sessions’) positions.”

This obviously wasn’t good enough for the fascist left. How dare this restaurant dare provide dinner to a Republican!?

Also notice the hypocrisy of the left. They want to force Christians to endorse homosexual weddings, but also force restaurants not to serve Republicans. Both reveal the tyrannical nature.of the left: They aren’t for equal rights, but an imposition of their agenda and the oppression of anyone who opposes them.



  • hondo

    In this case, take a cue from Nancy Reagan
    Just say no – ignore and move on
    Then watch the histrionics!
    Sadly – they must resort to violence before they can be effectively dealt with.
    and I mean REAL violence

  • Phill O

    The Weather Underground resurfaces!

  • Concur with hondo. People who seek attention fear indifference more than anything else. I am under no obligation to listen to you. A bit curious why the business didn’t just remove the material.

    Somewhat OT, but I had to bail on the link. When I want to read something, I don’t want to wait for video to load.

  • wodun

    This is a deliberate strategy. You can call it Anywhere, anyplace, punch a NAZI in the face.

    It is the only way to convince people that everyone supports the Democrats, because if you don’t…

    Its like when they used to clad themselves in white and ride their trusty steeds around the countryside at night burning crosses and hanging people from trees.

  • wayne

    Death of a Nation
    Trailer (Dinesh D’Souza)

  • Cotour


    Mayor Deblasio says: “if NewsCorp entities like Fox News and the New York Post didn’t exist, there would be less racial hatred and division — and Donald Trump wouldn’t be president.”


    And by the same logic, if Leftists did not exist the world would be a much more peaceful and less violent and hate filled place.

    Over the weekend there was a “White Power’ demonstration in the South, 30 “White Supremacists” showed up, and many, many hundreds of ANTIFA radicals showed up with weapons like frozen bottles of water loaded in grocery carts. I assume to be thrown to injure and maim people and then have the evidence melt, very diabolically Holmesian.

    So 30 “White Supremacists” show up to show their solidarity and hundreds of their opposition show up. You tell me, is white supremacy really that committed and prevalent in America or are there many more violent Leftist radicals in America? I think we know the answer to this question.

    The Leftist media, the MSM, Liberals and Leftists most all, promotes leftist violence and ANTIFA and ANTIFA like organizations, who appear to be organized and paid “Community Organizer” protesters (Who’s paying them?). And law enforcement leadership directed by local Liberal government leaders like the self admitted Leftist Deblasio do the same, promote violence to further their cause.

    They are on the verge of being considered domestic terrorists IMO. I assume that is what they are aspiring to in order to further justify and fulfill their by necessity violent “Revolution”.

    In the end there are still much more of us then any combination of them.

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