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How global warming activists ended up getting stuck in the ice fields surrounding Antarctica.

How global warming activists ended up getting stuck in the ice fields surrounding Antarctica.

The first error expedition leaders made was under-estimating the prevailing sea ice conditions at Mawson Station, their destination. The scientists seemed to be convinced that Antarctica was a warmer place today than it had been 100 years earlier, and thus perhaps they could expect less sea ice there. This in turn would allow them to charter a lighter, cheaper vessel.

And then there’s this:

Why the vessel got trapped in the first place may be because [project leader and professor Chris] Turney never bothered to look at sea ice charts, which showed near record high levels of sea ice surrounding Antarctica. Moreover, Turney even denied that the overall sea ice trend was expanding around the continent. Fox News writes, “Turney said it was ‘silly’ to suggest he and 73 others aboard the MV Akademic Shokalskiy were trapped in ice they’d sought to prove had melted. He remained adamant that sea ice is melting, even as the boat remained trapped in frozen seas.

Did he expect to find less ice than Mawson did 100 years earlier? This appears to be what he expected, given his expedition’s planning. [emphasis mine]

In other words, this group and its so-called scientific leader are typical of the entire global warming climate community. Facts are irrelevant. The Earth is warming, the icecaps are disappearing, and to hell with any data that says otherwise.

Eventually, however, reality bites. Personally, I would much rather focus on reality first, so that I am prepared to deal with it when it jumps up at me.

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  • D. K. Williams

    The global warming proponents have chosen ideology over science as well as common sense. Sadly, the regime in the White House continues to promote such nonsense and the Americam people will pay the price in higher electric bills.

  • wade

    yes. in my region we had a local report of an increase in electric billing. As for this icebreaker getting stuck. the “chief scientist” aboard said the ice was breaking away 4 days ago. 2 days ago he released a statement that their ship had only hit an accidental ice flow that was adrift due to melting. the Australian Captain reported that the ice was rapidly freezing over 10ft thick ,3 days ago and foreign News Reports stated that Rescue efforts by either the Chinese or the Australian ships were doubted 4 days ago as the weather daunted All efforts . Yet , the lead scientist sat there with his laptop Staring At his computer models for melt as the ocean simply froze around them.

  • Pzatchok

    I wonder who will be held responsible and by whom.

    They actually have 4 reporters on board.
    As is typical with things like this they are not actually full time professional reporters but hired part time reporters.
    Usually they are people who want to go on the expedition but can not find the money to go so offer their services as writers in exchange for passage paid for by the hiring news agency.
    So basically eco nuts who found a way to go on a capitalists dime.

    They also have tourists on board. People who can up with cash to cover their passage. Again eco nuts, but in this case they had enough cash to pay their own way. Scientist want to be’s.

    The ships captain should be held responsible for some of this. Ultimately the safety of his ship is totally his responsibility.

    But as for the tourists since it was chartered by the professor then he is acting as a charter company or tourist company and should be held accountable also. There are laws covering this. Laws that will reach all the way to the frozen south.

  • Orion3141

    These “scientists” act as though their science is faith based and not on the scientific method that I learned as a child. As Mark Twain said ” Faith is believing in something you know isn’t true”
    Amazing that so called educated men of the 21st century act as though twer the 15th century….

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