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“How I Went from Trump Curious to Anti-Trump.”

Link here. The essay describes how the author started out somewhat supportive and intrigued positively by Trump, and has ended up opposing him. Key quote:

You can read Trump in two different ways. You can see his bluster and lack of any policy knowledge as refreshing. You can see his hyperpersonal style and enormous ego as somehow “authentic.”

On the other hand, you can see a guy who’s entire life is devoted to persuading people to get into business with him. A salesman, trying to make a sale. And you can start to see that the salesman really has no interest in his actual product, and no real intent to abide by the terms of the contract. A salesman who is just willing to say whatever he needs you to say to sign the dotted line — and who will decide on a case-by-case basis whether or not to abide by those contract terms, should they become inconvenient later.

The thing is, while I can’t make anyone see this way, I can tell you I went from being a Type 1 person to a Type 2 person. I would waver between these views of Trump, but then eventually I was won to the Type 2 way of seeing things, and now that I see it, I can’t not see it. [emphasis in original]

The essay describes exactly what I expect a majority of Americans will go through should Donald Trump get the Republican nomination for president. In the end, a majority will become anti-Trump, and he will lose.

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  • Cotour

    I know what he means, I have had similar conflicting feelings.

    It is up to Trump however to shake off all of the BS, polish himself up, understand the gravity of what it is he endeavors to do and raise himself above what he is now to become more than he is, and in a sense re present himself on that higher level to the public. I believe it is in him and I believe that he understands that that is exactly what he needs to do.

    I truly believe that he can beat the pants suit of Hillary, if I remember correctly Zman you were looking forward to Hillary being the candidate. Maybe you did not foresee a Trump candidacy at the time though and envisioned it to be Cruz that would crush her. I wanted her gone from the beginning, its too risky that she even is in the running.

    I would however probably change my calculation a bit if it became Elizabeth Warren though. Not that I think any Liberal / socialist agenda has much of any merit, just that she is a bit more polished than Hillary and is far, far, far more likable.

  • Matt in AZ

    While I agree enough Americans will eventually come to the same anti-trump conclusion, I just hope it doesn’t take them years to do so.

  • Wayne-Man

    Little bit o pirate in all of us!

    Matt in AZ:
    -absolutely! January 2018 will be too late.

    Elizabeth Warren is (IMO) perhaps slightly more visually appealing but she’s the annoying Library Lady who is more left than even Bernie, with zero name recognition.

    Anyone think the “debate” tonight will be “strange?”

    Marco would score major points with me, if he bailed on live TV and flat out endorsed his fellow American of Cuban descent, The next President of these United States of America….ladies & gentleman… the honorable Ted Cruz!

    Did anyone know Kasich’s dad was a mail-man? (How many minutes before he will remind us of that?)
    Levin says, “Let’s name a Post-Office after his Dad,” if he bails on live TV.

    toodles…. will be lurking throughout the night.

  • Wayne

    Anyone heard something about Carson maybe endorsing Trump today??
    (Trump basically called him a child molester ad-infinitum, just a short time ago.)
    My opinion of the Dr. would drop substantially & I’ve always considered him to be very intelligent.
    This is Reagan in ’76, all over again. “They” just can’t stand Cruz & will do anything to stop him, –so I like him even more.

  • Wayne,

    As I told Local Fluff, I prefer people to use the same name consistently, even if it is an anonymous name. You have started to change from Wayne to Wayno to Wayne-Man. Though it is obviously the same person each time, I’d rather you keep the same name for all of your posts. Besides making it easier for people to converse, it will help those searching for your comments.


  • Wayne

    Mr. Z;
    Sorry about that. Makes perfect sense.

  • Wayne

    Anyone watching the alleged “debate?”
    Turning it off.

    Rubio is performing well– too bad he’s an amnesty-rino.
    Kasich remains living in the past. Sounds more like Bernie every day. Addicted to Government.
    Trump is keeping a grip extraordinarily well for him. Resorts to clichés under pressure but is behaving himself. He loves Government as well
    Cruz is having trouble getting his message across. When he gets going, they cut him off.

    The questions are ultra-low information designed for ultra-low information people.

    I guess, we really do “Get the Government We Deserve.” I would prefer if we could just get the government we had before… say 1890-ish. (seriously)
    Will continue to support Cruz and have faith my fellow Conservatives & Libertarian brethren will help save the Country.
    Have the “space-hippies” Star Trek TOS Episode on DVD cued up. Looking forward to comments from you all tomorrow!
    Take care.

  • LocalFluff

    The job of a president is nothing but making deals. The ideologies are dead and forgotten. Politics today is only about specific administrative details, like healthcare or ME war strategy. Those non-ideological practical administrative details can either be done in a stupid way so that the US loses, like today, or they could be handled in a smart way, like the Donald has managed his business.

    Trump is actually the most ideological presidential candidate since the 1700s. His ideology is to give the American people self confidence, to get rid of the mentally ill self-hating and self-destructive behavior which dominates US today. Everything he says and does project self confidence. Nothing else is important for a president. Kusich can talk as much as he wants about those non-ideological trivial practical administrative details, it is irrelevant. No one could even tell if Kusich is president or not, he would make no difference. He would just keep on failing and losing as he has always done thus far. You don’t need knowledge about some administrative details, you need to stop hating and destroying yourselves.

  • Jamie Menzing

    I support Cruz and will vote for him in the California primary. However, I will not be “anti-Trump” because he’s far better than the alternative Hillary Clinton. If you would vote for Hillary over Trump you are the embodiment of evil in America. That hag will continue the evisceration of the Constitution that Obama began. Soon we will all be serfs.

  • Wayne

    Jamie– Good points.
    Trump is perhaps playing the Herbert Hoover role. We tried a “businessman” in the 1920’s & that didn’t turn out very well. If he thinks he can “manage” & “administrate” the Leviathan “better,”– he’s in for a rude awakening, as are all his supporters.
    I’m not so much anti-Trump as I am pro-Cruz, & Trump has tapped into a very real “anger” of the people.
    –No matter who is in office next January, it will get infinitely worse before it gets better.
    Trump however is helping along another situation in which vast majority’s of people will again reject Capitalism & Free-Markets. He’s the stereotypical businessman to whom Marx remarked, “will sell us the rope by which we will hang them all.”

    LocalFluff– I’m having trouble following your logic in all this. Please expand(or contract) your point(s). Are you really that cynical?

  • Wayne

    The endorsement of Trump by Ben Carson today, really disappoints me. I guess I was seduced by his status as a brain-surgeon & his apparently superficial free-market-capitalism & moral, stances.

    I’m doubling down on my support for Cruz, it’s not much but it’s all I can do.

  • Steve Earle

    The question is what kind of “Businessman President” would Trump be?

    Will he be a Manager type that accepts the Government as-is and only makes small alterations in laws and regulations?

    Or will he be a Transformational type that attempts to “Fundamentally Change” the Government?

    It’s clear which one Obama has been, and it’s clear which one the businessman Romney would have been.

    Or put another way: Is a Manager-Trump still better than a Transformational Hillary? IMHO there is no question, YES.

  • Mitch S.

    “A salesman, trying to make a sale. And you can start to see that the salesman really has no interest in his actual product, and no real intent to abide by the terms of the contract. A salesman who is just willing to say whatever he needs you to say to sign the dotted line ”

    But the one thing lower than a salesman in that regard is a politician.

    LocalFluff has a good point.
    Everyone keeps saying they want more “talk about the issues”.
    But what politicians say about the issues is the product of their political strategy, they have little intention to follow through. And unlike with the salesman, there is no legal contract.

    What they promise is not very important other than a way to judge the person and their views.
    A good Presidency is about having the right person for the time – not necessarily the nicest person or even the most honest person!

  • Wayne


    Good points, counter differ on some, but fully understand from where you come.

  • Cotour

    ” the nicest person or even the most honest person!”

    These are not qualifications for a president, if anything they they may even be disqualifications. The average human being from their everyday conversational moral perspective may believe they are, but they are not.

  • Steve Earle

    All the more reason to vote for someone who has said what they will do AND has done what they said.

    Cruz impressed me greatly when he stood against the Senate and Obama both to try and defund Obamacare.

    He sealed the deal with me when he was the only candidate to oppose Ethanol Subsidies in Iowa.

    Ted Cruz is not a perfect man, but he has a record of following thru on what he says. I like that.

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