How Obamacare discourages people from making more money, discourages businesses from hiring, and discourages everyone from becoming better than they are.

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How Obamacare discourages people from making more money, discourages businesses from hiring, and discourages everyone from becoming better than they are.

But we all know that the real and only reason I mention these unfortunate facts about Obamacare is because Obama is black and that I’m a racist.



  • joe

    Robert, my own personal observation is that you are far from a racist, this administration and its lackeys use race as a tool often to try to scare good people into staying quiet, as far as race relations go, this president has set it back 30 years! If this president were a good president, this situation would be the opposite, President Obama is a thug and uses his position as any thug dictator would and bullies his opponents and the American people!

  • Publius 2

    The question we should be addressing is not why Obama and his minions act the way they do — it is why the conservatives and libertarians and open-minded liberals of this country are not rising up in opposition and defiance. The way to defeat thugs and bullies is to stand up to them and refuse to submit to their intimidation. Why are so few of us willing to do this?

  • Pzatchok

    After this Trevon Martin thing I have been forced to the conclusion that ALL people are bigoted in one way or another to some degree.

    I have always thought that an ever shrinking portion of America was racists. But now have had to change that opinion somewhat. I can see now that a HUGE portion of the African American population is racist and bigoted to an larger degree than I believed possible.

    I can also see that almost the whole of the White left is also bigoted and racist. More than likely derived from their self-righteous feelings of superiority.

    That incident has shown me that almost every African American thinks white people are ALL racists. Republicans and conservatives are actually active racists while all others are just racist(though less) and just don’t know it.

    I just don’t understand how they can believe that 50% of this nation is out to get them and actively working against them when they hold about 20% of the positions of power from the bottom to the top?
    You would think that with that many people in power they would be able to find hundreds of thousands of incidents yearly of active racism that they could prosecute in court. (there are millions of us conservatives) But instead they find very very few cases. In most cases that you here about its just inadvertent.

    At this point I am finally just proud to be called a racist and a bigot. It doesn’t mean I am one but it does mean I have been identified as an enemy of their philosophies.
    Anymore when I am called a racist or bigot I demand they prove it because I have just as much if not more evidence that they are worse than me.
    So don’t take it as an insult, take it as a point of pride and demand they prove it. they will stand their sputtering and spitting like a pissed off cat but never bring anything up.

  • JGL

    Are all human beings biased? Yes. Does that mean that we are all racist? Of course not. Racism is being used as a tool of division in America today. Note when it again rose to prominence in the American media, right after the election of 2008. I am tying to correlate what event or person coincides with the election of 2008.

    If there are not problems then there can be no solutions. Racism in America today is a solution searching for problem.

  • Edward

    Despite this thread moving off the topic of how the Affordable Care Act is going to make the next generation worse off than our generation, I have to agree that too many believe that racism is rampant in America.

    Even Oprah has a story of bigotry against her. She was shopping in Zurich and was told that a purse was too expensive for her.

    The interesting part is that she had to go all the way to Europe before someone would discriminate against her.

    Apparently racism isn’t as alive in the US as we are told, which might explain why we are always being called racists. I have been called a racist (and a bunch of other “ists” or “phobes”) since I entered college at Berkeley.

    In retrospect, I wish I had demanded that people prove that I was racist instead of doing the usual college boy thing and shutting up — people who had run out of valid arguments expected that “shut up” reaction.

  • I saw the Oprah story and ‘did the research’. It seems that Switzerland and Europe as a whole are much more provincial than Americans realize. Europeans have done a great job convincing the world that they are the epitome of sophistication, but the facts say otherwise. You may recall that the Oprah also accused the French of discrimination a few years back, but that that was more a case of the French failing to recognize her celebrity privilege.

  • Pzatchok

    They never fooled me.

    Just look at all the non native political leaders each European nation has elected.

    How many blacks have been elected in France in any political position? How about England? Germany? Spain?

    They can’t even get someone with a Spanish heritage elected in France let alone a different color.

    For 40 years or more the progressives said we should be more like Europe. Then they started to look at the numbers and realized that America was electing far more minorities than all of Europe combined.
    They dropped that argument several years ago.

    They also looked into the European unions immigration and illegal alien policies and found out ours were a LOT more to their liking. A lot more forgiving.
    In fact I want our to be a lot more like theirs. Theirs is more logical and consistent and works toward keeping a national identity.

  • R. Cotour

    You express the difference between the basic problems with how individual homogeneous country’s in Europe compare with the multicultural absorbing nature of the American model. One can never be what they supposedly promote, its a liberal paradox. A Frenchman is a Frenchman is a Frenchman.

    Take a look at London, a friend of mine was just there with his family he said it was scary, there are tremendous numbers of Muslims all in traditional dress. America in 50 years?

  • R. Cotour

    Maybe some day Popular Science will study it and explain to everyone how beneficial Obamacare really is and how every one is wrong about it.

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