How the DEA harasses and robs train passengers

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Theft by government: Evidence suggests that the Drug Enforcement agency routinely detains, searches, and then steals from train passengers under the guise of searching for drugs.

Read it. This story isn’t from some right wing libertarian website, but from the Atlantic. It describes the routine abuse of power by agents, often resulting in the theft of cash.



  • Cotour

    As government, both Federal and local, sinks under the weight of its unending money spending spree they will need new reliable sources of cash flow for they know no other way.

  • Edward

    The behavior of the supposed DEA agent reads the same as though he were a thief, not a government agent.

    From the article: “Heuser didn’t complain to the DEA. ‘I’ve had my friends complain to the police before,’ he explained, ‘and they basically said, you better watch yourself pal.'”

    This means that there is no evidence that the man really was DEA. Because the Amtrak employee was cowed into submission by government thugs, she may have assumed that an actual thief was a government thug and allowed him free reign of the train. People have had their houses robbed by posers of utility companies, now they could be being robbed by poser’s of government thugs.

    Yet another hazard of an overbearing government that harasses its populace, as though we were in 1930s Europe. It becomes all to easy for thieves to emulate them. Or for them to emulate the thieves.

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