Hubble has discovered a fifth moon orbiting Pluto.

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Using the Hubble Space Telescope astronomers have discovered a fifth moon orbiting Pluto.

Five moons, eh? That’s pretty good for something that isn’t supposed to be a planet.



  • Chris Kirkendall

    I demand Pluto’s classification as a Planet be immediately reinstated ! ! It really is pretty bizarre to think a body with 5 moons is NOT a planet – Earth has only ONE ! !

  • Dwight Decker

    I’m all for reinstating Pluto as a planet… but wouldn’t that having to declare Eris, which is actually more massive than Pluto, as a planet as well?

  • Dwight Decker

    “wouldn’t that MEAN having to declare Eris…”

  • Sure. But then, it is how people talk that really defines a word. Any object large enough so that its gravity forces it into a spherical shape is always going to be called a planet by people. The definition created by the IAU several years ago is silly, incomprehensible, and completely divorced from reality.

    Pluto is a planet, as are many of the larger moons orbiting the gas giants.

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