Hundreds gather at Flat-Earth conference

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The coming dark age: Hundreds of believers in the idea that the Earth is flat and not a sphere have gathered for a conference in Colorado this week.

“Was there ever any debate when you were in first grade and you were learning about cosmology? Was there anyone who disputed it ever in your whole life but now?” said Dorothy Novak, a flat-Earth believer.

As science — and common sense — have proven, the world is not flat. However, flat-Earth believers say otherwise. “Look with your own eyes. Go out to the beach on a cloudy day. Are the clouds curved?” asked Novak.

About 800 are expected to attend. More important, their conference is getting good press, as indicated by this article itself.

Anyone who has read my writings at any depth know that I honor the concept of skepticism as the first premise of all science, and even of our civilization. However, one mustn’t have so open a mind that all your brains fall out. For so many people to advocate something that has been demonstrated in innumerable ways — including sending humans around the Moon — to be obviously false, says much about the sad state of our civilization.



  • Farside

    There is a fundamental law of physics which states that weirdos always attract each other.

  • Cotour

    Flat earther buzz kill.

    How do they explain satellites?

    What are they orbiting?

  • wayne

    Colorado eh?
    Hope they brought enough cash for that $400/ounce weed they have.

    Good one.

    They go back-n-forth over the Dome, silly!

  • mpthompson

    Perhaps I’m being a conspiracy nut myself, but it’s my impression that the flat Earth movement was started and perpetuated by an organized group of people to try to discredit those of us on the right side of the political spectrum. For instance, what better way to discredit climate skeptics than to associate them, no matter how tenuously, with people who believe the Earth is flat.

    Within any large population, there are always going to be a few people that believe in some nutty ideas. By leveraging social media, it wouldn’t take too much work to identify people susceptible to such a conspiracy and amplify their voices by several orders of magnitude. Looking at sites such as Reddit or 4chan which are anonymous in nature, any quasi-serious discussion of space, spaceflight or Earth sciences will often very quickly be sidetracked into a debate on whether the Earth is flat or whether all NASA flights are faked. The pattern of how topics get sidetracked into such ridiculous debates always seems to be the same and looks to me to be more manufactured than organic.

    Do other’s have the same impression?

  • Col Beausabre

    I want the tin hat concession

  • D Ray

    One of the very best ideas I saw for a new “History” channel show would have a team of Flat Earthers try to find the edge (or the ice wall). It would be a great followup to the search for bigfoot or the Oak Island money pit shows. And just about as “science based” lol

  • Andrew_W

    According to Flat Earthers us Australasians are all liars or don’t exist.

  • John L

    Spherical earther here. I wouldn’t pay, but I’d go to that conference, just for fun. I gotta believe most people attending are treating it as a joke. Like a brain falling out of an open mind (lol)…That doesn’t happen…right?!!

  • Robert Pratt

    “However, one mustn’t have so open a mind that all your brains fall out.” Why? It works for Leftists.

  • John Conyers

    So proud of my state. Legalizing marijuana had many unintended consequences, this might be one.

  • Edward

    I think that the flat Earthers use Australasia as proof of the flatness of the earth, because otherwise you all would fall off the Earth, since you claim to be on the underside.

    On the other hand, I live at around 45 degrees north latitude, which certainly explains why the ground here is so steeply slanted.

  • Jason

    The Earth is pretty flat, relatively speaking…

  • Phill O

    If the earth was flat, there would be nothing left on it as cats would have pushed everything off.

  • wodun

    The number of people who believe the Earth is flat is so small that it warrants little worry. There are more people dedicated to endlessly mocking them and that is a little worrisome because there are better things to do and the flatearthers don’t exhibit a mean demeanor. It is the perfect chance to practice live and let live and disagree agreeably.

  • Andrew_W

    Edward, the problem they have (well, one of many) is that the geography is all messed up for those traveling to, from and around the periphery of the great disc, Australasia, Southern Africa and South America need to be many tens of thousands of miles apart, so everyone that travels in these Southern parts has to be in on the conspiracy – if the Southern Hemisphere even exists that is.

  • wayne

    Mr. Pratt:
    Brilliant! (I concur 100%)

    mpthompson —
    You are definitely on to something, with your thought!

    good point. It’s about the same number of people who are actually Nazi’s.

    John Conyers –
    HAR. Don’t blame the weed for this one! These people are already whacked without the addition of THC. (BTW– Michigan now has the most “liberal” possession amounts in the Country- up to 10 oz’s in home for personal use (and 12 plants)… but if you have more than 2.5z’s, you have to keep it locked up, or it’s a civil infraction)
    –I do support this, but our Leader Mastermind’s, haven’t thought this through to it’s logical conclusion. (I’m in Mental Health… (although retiring) and it’s sorta the full employment act for mental health services in Michigan. Nobody really needs to smoke that 30% THC hybrid stuff– at those levels you start to get THC induced psychosis, given enough consumption.) I want it legalized, but its far from an innocuous substance.

    Don’t Step on the Grass, Sam

    Phill O–
    absolutely… brilliant!
    –tangentially, count me in on anything involving more Cats-In-Space! If they had opposable thumbs, we’d be working for them. (more so than we are now, that is.)

    yeah… it is! (it’s like’ 15 miles before you get 1 degree of curvature) ((correct me if I’m wrong on that)) Which explains why I can’t see Milwaukee from my house in Michigan.

    Edward– that, is hilarious!


    Apparently, you guys fell off the earth a long time ago!

  • Joe

    “I honor the concept of skepticism as the first premise of all science, and even of our civilization. However, one mustn’t have so open a mind that all your brains fall out.”

    –Robert Zimmerman

    May I use that on Facebook? It is a great quote.

  • Farside

    Flat Earther’s Proof that the Earth is Flat

    Touch a picture of the Earth on a digital TV. Does it not feel flat?

    Kind Regards :)

  • wayne

    “Joe Rogan and Mick West debunk flat earth…Again”
    Episode #1052 excerpt (full show is 2:41:30)
    > Note: occasional adult-language typical of Rogan
    [* game programmer, writer, and debunker. Rogan remains Rogan.]

    My Father was a Land Surveyor and my G-father was a Civil Engineer (and Land Surveyor). (and I spent a few summer’s being the Rodman.)

    Land Surveying is nothing, if not putting square lots, on a round ball!!

    Point being, there’s an entire practical Profession devoted to measuring and marking points on the Earth, and it’s round, otherwise the Math doesn’t work and neighbors become irate.

  • Joe: As long as you credit me, and include a link to BtB, sure.

  • Cotour

    The future world of the flat earthers and the coming brain washed population.

    You own nothing, you have no privacy, there is no freedom, your social score will be recorded, there is no America. The likes of Davos and Soros have their dreams.

  • Andrew_W

    Do Not Be So Open-Minded That Your Brains Fall Out

  • pzatchok

    What a great place to pick up gullible women.

    If they think the Earth is flat they will believe I am a handsome, famous, rich movie star.

    Hey I am not always picky, I’ll go for the low hanging fruit.

  • Edward_2

    How many of these flat-earthers are also 9/11 Troofers. I’d guess many of them. Heck, ALL of them.

    Another thing. We all can see that the Sun is round, the Moon is round, with telescopes Galileo saw that Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are round – but to these flat-heads, ONLY the Earth is flat.

    The problem with this country is that there are too many dumb people living in it – and they voted for Obama and Hillary and Maxine and Cortez.

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