“I have closed all my businesses in Ventura County, California.”

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Sign of the times: “I have closed all my businesses in Ventura County, California.”

And the business owner is happy about it!

Never have I operated in a more difficult environment. Ventura County combines a difficult government environment with a difficult employee base with a difficult customer base.

Freedom not only requires that each person be free to follow their own dreams, it also demands that everyone else respect that desire and effort. If you read the story above, you will discover that in this part of California at least, no one respects this business owner’s desire and effort. Instead, from the government to his customers, everyone was out to destroy him, no matter what he tried to do.

So rather than follow his dream, he is shutting down and getting out. Very sad.



  • Not surprising to me. I, like many hundreds of thousands have fled California, for many reasons.

    What seems to keep California going is the immigration (internal from other states, and international), otherwise I guess the state would have fallen into steeper social and economic decline more than it already has.

    Sure the weather is great and the tourism helps the state. But I say it’s only a great place to visit, not live or do business.

  • ted

    A hundred years ago the masses were leaving Europe to find a better opportunity in the US. This time around people are leaving California and New York for Florida and Texas.

    The reasons are the same, frustration with the existing living and working conditions.

  • Pzatchok

    California couldn’t exist without the rest of the nation providing it with everything it needs cheap.

    Like water, power and gas. When was the last time Cali gave out new building permits for any of those industries?

    Labor from outside the state and even the nation makes it a viable place to grow crops so far, but that will soon be gone also once Obama care sets in fully and legals also have the court system to help them gain better wages in the fields. No more cheap vegetable pickers.

    The movie industry moved out a long time ago and the only thing keeping the last of it in Cali is tradition. And that is fast eroding away. Aspiring actors no longer have to be in LA to make it into the movies or TV. There are perhaps 10 other cities in North America that could give them the same access and cheaper living until they make it big.

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