“I will kill Walker myself.”

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Leftwing civility: “I will kill Walker myself.”

I wish this was the only person to say this, but no, it isn’t. The link gives a nice sampling of hate from Democrat/leftwing supporters. Another example here.


One comment

  • Joe Doakes

    “Mille Vanilli meet reality, reality, meet the Mille Vanilli President . . .”

    June 5, 2012

    Dear Mr. Obama,

    I guess you can’t blame this one on the rain . . :) . . . Governor Walker won. Again. He won for the same reason that NY9 went to the Republican. The core reason is that this nation faces a perilous financial time brought about by people of your ilk that think the best way to solve a problem is to print money and use it without regard to reality. We all know that this is nuts. But, the rare few of us stand up and fight it. They stand up everyday, and defend what they believe to be true. Some like Governor Walker and Mr. Romney offer themselves as guardians to “We The People” so we may have a choice as to what path to take on election day. Though, I wonder what the Founding Fathers would think of “recall elections,” I bet they would look on such a practice as a short circuiting of an expression of an almost sacred will of the electorate.

    That electorate bares much scrutiny. You see like I’ve said many times before. I’m a regular guy. I’ve got my own thoughts, fears, faults, and feelings. No one tells me what to do or when to do it. Except my wife and my children. This evening I went to the gym, once again, and I lifted a bit too much weight, too many times, and I almost blew it. But right there was a future American, could barley speak english, and he saw I was in trouble and stepped in to help. Me being a bit stupid I said “I’m good.” But the help would have been there, and I’m betting that guy was about as legal as your birth certificate, but even he would know which candidate can make opportunity for all Americans; including those yet to be.

    See, America, is not about where we have been. America is about where we are going. Boeing Aircraft makes a he!! of a plane, they have that challenge, plus the challenges that are placed upon them from a government whose sole purpose seems to hamstring them as their chief competitor is stumbling. We have General Motors which makes some of the finest automobiles on the market, but is also hamstrung by a government that wants it to make electric cars. We have industry with empty seats with work on the bench and soldering guns waiting to be fired up. We have houses that need to be put to use, even if we have to give them to veterans to restart that vital engine of economic growth that is housing. We also have the ability to educate our youth to be smarter, braver, and better then any American has ever known, but we teach them with standards suited to keep the teacher employed and not the student challenged.

    Well, in Wisconsin, they knew it was time to make difference. Too much has been sacrificed for us to let our children down. I vote we get this nation in ship shape before checkout time. Apparently the voters of Wisconsin agree with me. On November 6, 2012, we will do it as we have done in the past. With authority, conviction, and grace. It’s time to put an end to the “Mille Vanilli” Presidency. Maybe you can get a recording contract, with a teleprompter, or a waitering job at the Ellen Stardust Dinner and hang out with Martin Short.



    Joe Doakes

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