If ISS becomes unmanned, the first test of Dragon will also be delayed

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More possible consequences if ISS becomes unmanned: the first test of Dragon will be delayed.

An unmanned ISS will also delay the first launch in February of Orbital Sciences Cyngus cargo vehicle, as this vehicle is like Dragon in that it requires astronauts on board ISS to control the robot arm that grabs and berths the spacecraft.



  • Joe2

    The delay in the Dragon Cargo Launch would be because the Dragon must berth (not dock). That is it must be grappled by the ISS Arm (run by onboard crew) and “plugged in” to a berthing port.

    As I understand it a Dragon Crew Vehicle would use the same process.

    Question: If the ISS were totally dependent on the Dragon for crew transport (as some would like) and the ISS had to be temporarily de-crewed for whatever reason; how would you get a crew back onboard?

  • Kelly Starks

    > Question: If the ISS were totally dependent on the Dragon for crew transport (as some would like)
    > and the ISS had to be temporarily de-crewed for whatever reason; how would you get a crew back onboard?


    Likely you couldn’t. You’ld need to have the Russians restore it with a Soyuz. After its up and operating, the american craft could come up. Wouldn’t that be degrading.

    As to the Dragon test – not much point testing a system to support a station your abandoning.

  • omg the station is a kind of a monstrosity . and also , damn! space is dangerous . dare i say too dangerous for the government to handle . i wonder if whenever the dates of these plans change they have to re-file hundreds of forms and get them all approved all over again . thats how it goes sometimes with nat gas drilling ^

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