Illegal votes may have decided 2016 New Hampshire results

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New data strongly suggests that illegal voters could have tipped the New Hampshire 2016 election in favor of the Democrats.

Over 6,000 voters in New Hampshire had used same-day voter registration procedures to register and vote simultaneously for president. The current New Hampshire Speaker of the House, Shawn Jasper, sought and obtained data about what happened to these 6,000 “new” New Hampshire voters who showed up on Election Day.

It seems the overwhelming majority of them can no longer be found in New Hampshire. Of those 6,000, only 1,014 have ever obtained New Hampshire driver’s licenses. Of the 5,526 voters who never obtained a New Hampshire driver’s license, a mere three percent have registered a vehicle in New Hampshire. The Public Interest Legal Foundation received information that 70 percent of the same-day registrants used out-of-state photo ID to vote in the 2016 presidential election in New Hampshire and to utilize same-day registration.

Gov. Maggie Hassan, a Democrat, also defeated incumbent U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte by only 1,017 votes.

The one bright sign here is that it appears that New Hampshire officials appear willing to address these issues, and make changes.



  • hondo

    Talking about it is not good enough. Officially challenge the state results by any means necessary – force the issue into the courts and congress.
    anything less is angels on a pin.

  • Edward

    Is New Hampshire one of those states that insists that it has no voter fraud?

  • Edward: Actually, I think New Hampshire has generally been responding correctly to every example of possible voter fraud that has been presented to it. It has been the general national Democratic Party and its leaders in several blue states (such as New York and California) that have denied any fraud while fighting any effort to prevent it.

  • Edward

    Thanks, Robert. I’m glad that there are places that take voter fraud seriously. If only my state were one of them.

  • Commodude

    New Hampshire’s ire with voter fraud most likely has to do with blue voters from MA who commit the fraud. It’s a short drive from Cambridge or other blue bastions to New Hampshire to tilt their elections, and in the rural areas, live free or die is more than just a motto.

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