Immigration has lost track of thousands of foreigners here on student visas.

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Does this make you feel safer? U.S. Immigrations no longer knows where more than 6,000 foreigners are who came to the U.S. on student visas and are considered a threat.

The issue here is not to keep foreigners from entering the U.S. but the complete inability of the federal government government to do its job. The government is very good at abusing legal American citizens in airports, but is a total failure at controlling access to the country by non-citizens,



  • wodun

    Only 6,000? That seems low. When I was in school, all of the foreign students wanted to stay and I was there long enough to know a few who did.

    IIRC, schools are supposed to track their exchange students but I think they have ideological issues in doing this.

  • James

    Cui bono? If, for example, men could get pregnant, abortion would be available in Starbucks-like kiosks. So, the fact that scant attention is being paid to such possible miscreants running amok in this great Union surely must be of some utility to SOMEONE, no? My immediate impression, unsupported by evidence, I’ll admit, is to look to agencies within government who thrill to get and use the toys of power. From the lowly flatfoot to the most exalted administrator in the land, there is likely to be a touch of yearning for drama. Some, more than a touch. This appreciation for drama, comiing as it does on the heels of national watershed events-the history of this Great Nation certainly has a slew of them, heck, look what happened after that fool, Custer, got himself butchered-has only become more sophisticated and pervasive, thanks to that national campfire, television. Boy, did Bradbury ever get that one right in Farenheit 451, eh? Anyway, the desire for some excitement, coupled with the desire for riches (and who doesn’t want to be rich in America?) means SOMEBODY has to PAY for all this nonsense. That, my friends, is me and you. Now, since we have our own notions about getting rich-naturally, this means preventing others from getting rich on OUR dime-we kick up a fuss about how others, like that durned gubmint, spend what they mulct from us. The more they mulct and waste, the greater we fuss. In brief, OUR fussing is what really concerns them, not some two bit schmuck flying a plane into a recognizable building. That is part of the compulsion to drama and with 6000 plus potential producers of drama running about, I imagine we’ll get what we bargained for.

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