“Impeach Obama” protesters arrested for peaceably assembling.

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Freedom in today’s America: “Impeach Obama” protesters arrested for peaceably assembling.

With video, which is definitely worth watching. I would have done exactly as these protesters did, been arrested, and would be on the phone with my lawyers this instant putting together a lawsuit. The cop who made the arrest in this case broke the law and should pay for that.

And I agree with one of the comments at the website: If the protesters had labeled themselves “Occupy Wall Street” the cops would have probably brought them donuts instead while allowing them to shut down traffic illegally.



  • R. Cotour

    Need I remind you about the Patriot Act? You don’t really want to go down that rabbit hole again, do you?

  • joe

    I did see one of these protests in Michigan, they had a small sign that said to honk if you want Obama impeached, I dutifully honked my horn, these people were doing nothing wrong and were not creating any real distraction, this peace officer was out of line. jackbooted thugs is right!

  • Pzatchok

    These guys are doing these protests all wrong.

    They need to look back at exactly what and how the left did and does during their protests.

    First off, if its required, or even just available, they need to get a permit from the city. That way as long as they follow the guide lines in the permit the police can NOT bother them.
    Most of the guide lines are just the agreed on place of assembly, the time and dates, and or routs of marches.
    You also need to provide sanitation if the crowds get large enough to require them, most do not.
    And normally its polite to take the fresh permit to the local police and inform them of the goings on. They are actually quite helpful if informed before hand. In fact they will even help in planning routs and or security.

    This group more than likely did not have a permit and when they set up in that particular area it just gave the cops an excuse to try to move them. Which they then refused politely and thus got arrested.

    The permit gives the holder far more power over the cops and the situation.

  • R. Cotour

    I don’t recall in the Constitution where it requires to ask the government for permission for a permit to air your concerns. That’s the point of the article, and the fact that they were being “disruptive” in relation to an overpass complicates the issue (probably purposefully). The police may be able to reasonably argue that the protesters were creating a distraction to traffic. Six of one, half a dozen of the other?

    Might the effective protests in the future involve the internet and not so much showing up somewhere but the counter to that, not showing up? If you really want to get governments attention would it be more effective to try to empty the streets and people not showing up at local business for a week and cutting into government tax revenue? Remember, government, the last time I checked has no money of its own. Not to mention the calls to politicians from business owners who collect those taxes. The future is here and the people are going to have invent new ways of getting their governments attention.

    My point? The people and what they react to are a known quantity and therefore they are able to be controlled. How’s that working for you?

  • wodun

    Good point but a permit may not be needed. According to the cop in the article, they were within their rights to be there. If they were marching down a street or outside a downtown building, then they probably need a permit.

    And you shouldn’t need a honeybucket, security, first aid station, and trash cans for ten people protesting on an overpass for a few hours. All great things for a large protest though.

  • wodun

    I am not very troubled about this. Leftist protesters get arrested all the time, often with good cause but sometimes in situations like this. The real test is how they will be charged or if they will be prosecuted. 99% of the time arrested protesters face no prosecution so if these people face actual punishment, then something is amiss and laws are not beingbapplied equally.

  • Pzatchok

    Of course they don’t NEED a permit to assemble.

    But it does add weight to their side and puts the cops on the defensive legally. The cops will think not just twice but three times about arresting you if you have a permit. They do NOT want to get into court and have the judge scream at them for interfering in a demonstration that was agreed on by city hall and the courts.

    Especially over such a little thing as an idiot in a car slowed down and thus they caused the traffic problem and not the protesters.

    And the sanitation is normally only required if the numbers are expected to be over a set limit. Like a few hundred.

    This looked like 4 guys and their wives.
    Way over kill on the cops part with a squad car per protester.

  • Pzatchok

    Exactly right.

    Always expect to get arrested. Its what makes the local news and thus the national news.

    The TP though is not up to the level of needing to be arrested to get attention yet. They need to organize larger crowds first.

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