In an interview in Australia, the head of the IPCC has admitted that the climate has stopped warming now for the past seventeen years.

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Consensus! In an interview in Australia, the head of the IPCC has admitted that the climate has stopped warming now for the past seventeen years.

No computer climate model offered in any IPCC report predicted this long pause in warming. They all instead insisted that because of the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the global temperature would have to rise, and do so quickly and with catastrophic results.

In other words, those models were wrong. The climate is very complicated, and we don’t yet understand very well how it functions.



  • Chris Kirkendall

    There are so many factors that impact climate – the Jet Stream, Pacific Ocean temps, el Nino, La Nina, and sunspot activity (with resultant charged particles from solar flares) that affects the path of the Jet Stream. Of course, there’s also the variability of the Sun itself. And on top of it, CO2, which is blamed by the Warmists, isn”t even the #1 greenhouse gas – methane & water vapor are bigger greenhouse contributors! And finally, there have been numerous times in the distant past – preceding civilization, industrialization & burning of fossil fuels – that the climate was actually much wamer than today. Q: How is THAT little fact explainable by current Global Waming theory ?? A: It isn’t. There are just way too many factors – some known, some as yet unknown, to make any realistioc predicition about future climate at this time…

  • jwing

    Chris, get ready for you and I may both be visited by a Climate Sensetivity Squad in the very near future for such posts and posits. Didn’t you get the email: Consenus on climate change is now all relative, and truth is what AlGore-Hansen Inc. say it is. The new understanding of truth CHANGES just like the weather; whether you HOPE for sunny skies or not.

    It’s doublethink and doubletalk combined such that cold is hot, rainy is drought and your UNCHANGING true reality is HOPELESSLY now relative in the age of Obama.

  • Skepticism is growing daily on so called global warming or climate change. The persistent recounting of the Earth’s past warming and cooling cycles (facts most people don’t argue), and the consistent application of reason will prevail. I keep challenging everyone I know to explain pre-industrial warming and cooling, to great effect.

  • wodun

    The alarmist eco-facist movement will just find some other issue to glom onto.

  • Phil Berardelli

    What is perhaps most unfortunate about this whole episode in the history of science is how much schoolchildren have been inculcated with imprecision declared fact. That means a new generation rising uninformed about not only the complexity of science but lacking witness to science performed properly — which is to say carefully, openly and with an acceptance of error as a normal part of the process. I fear it will take a generation or more to repair the damage, assuming there is any willingness of the part of the education community to address the problem.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    jwing, you scared me a little with that commenrt – maybe we SHOULD be scared ! ! Phil, you are exactly right – kids are not being taught HOW to think, only WHAT to think, and you’re right that the Scientific method is just ignored, where you have a hypothesis about what may be going on, you conduct experiments to gather data to find out if your hypothesis is correct, and then develop the theory. Regrettably, even some “scientists” (especially in Climate Science) let their preconceived ideas color their research & conclusions. We’re in big trouble…

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