In another country.

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In another country.

An honest look at least one of our nation’s problems.



  • wodun

    Obama thinks that by exporting the poor to suburbs they will magically become more successful. But it isn’t proximity to successful people that breeds success; it is the values and work ethic enculcated inside the walls to one’s children.

  • Edward

    I have heard on many occasions “there but for the grace of God go I.” Every time, I disagree. I have worked hard to be able to work hard for a living.

    Getting good grades in high school took work, but they got me into a prestigious college. It was even more hard work to get good grades in college, and I wish I had been able to get good grades after all that hard work. But the college degree, and the money I spent for it, allowed me to get a well-paying job in an industry I enjoy. Several good jobs, it turns out, because the industry that I enjoy is not the most stable of industries. And finding a new job is hard work, too. Each job required that I perform to my highest ability in a timely manner — no sloth allowed.

    Now that retirement is on the horizon, and I am saving plenty of money for it, the thought of slothenliness and sitting on the front stoop drinking beer just does not appeal to me. I would still prefer to be productive in my chosen industry.

    The more correct phrase for that guy with the sign at the left-turn lane is: “there but for my work ethic go I.”

  • Kelly Starks

    A powerful and important essay – that will be utterly ignored by those in power.

    In a way, the pour empower them by giving a excuse for bigger programs.

  • Pzatchok

    Poverty is a lifestyle.

    A chosen lifestyle.

    People choose to do drugs, even if they are now addicted they chose that life and they can change their mind and quit at any time.
    People chose to not do the little bit of extra work it takes to make that extra cash to move out of the hood.
    People choose to not find a significant other and get married, and stay that way.
    People choose to have children while still children themselves.

    The more the left forgives them for their choices and gives them handouts the more they learn to not work hard and again they choose to stay exactly were they are.
    Its the new slavery of the masses. And who is trying to keep them there and why?

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