In celebration of the tenth anniversary of Opportunity’s landing on Mars, the journal Science publishes a special section of the newest findings from Mars.

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In celebration of the tenth anniversary of Opportunity’s landing on Mars, the journal Science has published a special section of the newest findings from Mars.

The main conclusion of all this research is that Mars was once potentially habitable, though there is no evidence so far to show that anything actually inhabited it. The data obtained however is now giving scientists clues on the best places to look for the remains of that ancient life, should it exist.



  • Oy. Not very convincing at all.

    I most of all would like to see the original source image for this so-called alien object on the Moon. I am very suspicious of those dots. They do not look real but photo-shopped. The links conveniently do not provide the source information however.

    Take out those suspicious dots and this so-called alien object appears to be nothing more than a small oblique crater impact on the rim of a much larger crater. Nothing very unique about it all.

  • Cotour

    Agreed, but interesting just the same. Its too bad that the level of technology that allows us to see in detail the surface of the moon also provides the ability to manipulate that same information. How are we able to know something as being a fact or not? Are their programs that are able to tell the difference? How are we to tell the difference between information and disinformation? And the potential for manipulation will only increase in the future. How can we know?

  • Cotour

    This video gives the coordinates on Google Moon, does anyone here have knowledge related to viewing this item properly?

  • “How can we know?”

    In this case it’s easy. Good and reliable information will always come with detailed references and source information. Nothing will be hidden. You will be able to trace back its origins relatively easily without much fuss. With the youtube video you sent that source info was missing or hidden, which to me is a gigantic red flag.

  • Cotour

    And Google Moon and those coordinates, I am really not familiar with it? Is Google to be “tusted”? That may be a loaded question seeing that the military is now or soon will be their main source of revenue.

  • I want to know the source of these images. Google Moon is not the source.

    Look, there are multiple layers of manipulation that have occurred to these images before they appear on youtube. First, Google gets the data and puts it into Google Moon. Then that data is edited and inserted into a youtube by the alien expert who posted it. During that process lots of changes can be made to the image.

    I want to see the original image, taken by what spacecraft.

  • David M. Cook

    Forget photos! I want to go there and look at the damn thing myself! Enough of this remote sensing!

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