In new Obamacare vote, Republican leaders offering bribes

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Finding out what’s in it, part 2: The Senate Republican leadership is offering Senator Lisa Murkowsky (R-Alaska) specific rewrites favoring just Alaska in order to buy her vote on their new attempt to revise Obamacare.

The bribe includes three provisions, but this one I think is most corrupt:

Alaska (along with Hawaii) will continue to receive Obamacare’s premium tax credits while they are repealed for all other states. It appears this exemption will not affect Alaska receiving its state allotment under the new block grant in addition to the premium tax credits.

There are also some indications that this secret bill for which no text has been made public, as far as I can tell, also keeps the Obamacare requirement that insurance companies will not be allowed to deny anyone insurance no matter how sick they are. This is the provision that is essentially bankrupting the industry and forcing premiums to skyrocket. By keeping it, these Republicans reveal their overall support for Obamacare.



  • Cotour

    And do not forget the Mandate.

    If there is a mandate then there is Obamacare.

    They are all contorting themselves into RINO pretzels to keep those already passed 2800 pages of law. You just do not surrender all of that already passed power.

  • wodun

    I would have preferred they used bribes to return to a free market system rather than a control market, which never ever work.

  • wayne

    Let us not forget the Cornhusker-Kickback….
    Nebraska has a permanent exemption for their share of Medicaid expansion.

    In some alternative Universe, the entire Capital would be wrapped with crime-scene-tape, practically everyone therein (and their extended families) would be arrested, rendered to a 3rd world country, and tortured until they shut up & die, once and forever.

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