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In Pennsylvania Democratic Party politicians just proved their fascist anti-first amendment beliefs

How the modern Democratic Party has evolved madly to the left
How the modern Democratic Party has evolved madly to the left

When the parental rights organization Moms for Liberty arranged to have their annual 2023 summit in the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia beginning today, six Democrats from the Pennsylvania state senate immediately proved to the world that Democrats no longer believe in free speech, and in fact make their number one principle oppression and censorship, by writing a joint letter demanding the museum cancel the event.

These Democrats also proved that their method for silencing also includes routine slanders and libels, based on zero evidence. As their letter concluded:

“The museum’s leadership has demonstrated a lack of judgment in agreeing to host a hate group. Fortunately, the mistake can be fixed with a simple and elegant solution: cancel the Moms for Liberty event scheduled for June 29. We look forward to your prompt actions,”

The letter also implied Moms for Liberty was associated with white supremacy, and used as its only evidence for these slanders the fact that the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) decided to add Moms to its hate list, a list that has been repeatedly proven to simply rank any opponent of the Democratic Party a “hater”, essentially for opposing the Democratic Party.

The Museum rejected this dictatorial demand most heartily.

“The Museum of the American Revolution strives to create an inclusive and accessible museum experience for visitors with a wide range of viewpoints and beliefs,” the spokesperson said. “Consistent with this mission, we make available after-hours and private rentals to groups that organize legally and safely, including federally recognized 501(c)(4) nonprofit organizations. Because fostering understanding within a democratic society is so central to our mission, rejecting visitors on the basis of ideology would in fact be antithetical to our purpose.”

Museum officials also noted that despite the desire of some of its own staff to silence Moms as well, it would not back down. Instead it will support that staff “…by listening with intention, making sure they know they are valued, and accommodating them when the event date arrives those staff members.”

In other words, deal with it. Freedom of speech means freedom of speech for everyone, not just you.

Nor were these Democratic Party politicians and the museum’s staff the only fascists in the room. The American Historical Association also sent a letter urging the museum to cancel. The association accused Moms for Liberty of attempting “to silence and harass teachers,” and claimed the organization’s “mission is to obstruct the professional responsibilities of historians.” Similarly, other leftists put together a petition to pressure the local Marriot Hotel to cancel its contract with Moms. Almost 30,000 leftist fascists have now signed that petition, also telling us who they are and what they believe in.

Fortunately, the hotel has also stood firm for freedom and the first amendment, and refused to cancel the contract.

What these thugs really don’t like about Moms for Liberty is its non-wavering stance against pornography and critical race theory in classrooms. The Democrats and these teachers and historians want the ability to indoctrinate children, against their parents’ wishes, and Moms is determined to fight this without compromise. A search for “school boards” in my full list of blacklist stories in the past three years will find Moms for Liberty appearing repeatedly in this fight, with frequent success. The videos at this link show their members speaking before many school boards in opposition to the queer agenda, mask policies, and critical race theory.

Not surprisingly, Moms for Liberty officials have noted that — having failed to get the event canceled — leftists are now turning to threats, forcing Moms to increase its security arrangements, at great cost.

Thus, we find that Democrats and their leftists allies not only oppose free speech and free debate, they appear to be willing to enforce this opposition with violence.

To sum up, Democrats and its political allies oppose the Bill of Rights and free speech, are willing to use force and power to squelch those rights.

If you still vote for Democrats you are now telling us the kind of person you are.

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  • GaryMike

    I’ve never met any of these “Moms” women.

    Truth be told, I wouldn’t let any of them near my children.

  • Gary H


    Good to see that you believe that it is a parent’s responsibility to raise their child and not the state’s right to dictate what a parent’s child is exposed to.

  • GaryMike


    Gary, here..

    I chuckled for some reason.

    Truth, I have no children of my own. I’ve helped two women to raise 5 of their own as if they were mine.

    I almost had one of my own. It didn’t survive a tubal ligation. Never would have.

    5 people who feel something about me they don’t feel for someone else: like they fathers.

    It’s been years since they called me on my birthday. Nothing is certain.

  • Ken G

    The left projects that what it is guilty of. These PA State senators *are* a hate group.

  • Milt

    As should be abundantly clear at this point, freedom of speech is *not* a value that the radical Jacobin left believes in, and it is antithetical to their agenda for transforming our country / culture / society into an authoritarian cult. As Robert puts it, “{Radical] Democrats and their political allies oppose the Bill of Rights and free speech, and are willing to use force and power to squelch those rights.”

    Exactly. And their tactics of using every instrument at their disposal — up to and including the open advocacy of brute force — to silence their opposition is the key to understanding who these people are and what they are all about. The problem is, the left’s rejection of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law (cf, the howling that has accompanied SCOTUS’ ruling on affirmative action) marks the total abandonment (per the graphic in the post) of any remaining links to conventional liberal orthodoxy*, and they are as proud as peacocks about this. And fierce as lions in promoting their collectivist agenda.

    *And to “traditional” Democrats like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

    Perhaps even more disturbing, their “woke” collectivist ideology has taken root in so many deep blue states and cities that there isn’t even a working constituency there in support of such concepts as a limited constitutional government (i.e., the Founders’ vision of an American Republic), citizenship, and the Rule of Law. Instead, most residents in these districts look toward government only to “give” them things, enforce the new woke catechism, and to make them feel “safe” from ideas (such as freedom of speech or the right to self defense) that don’t appeal to them. In this respect, this article about California in Vanity Fair goes a long way toward explicating such differences and pointing out just *how* wide a cultural gulf seems to separate such places as California and Florida.

    Again, the takeaway is that there has been such a divergence of cultural differences between what is now thought to be “normal and proper” in red states and blue states — and as highlighted by the rhetoric of their respective governors — that it is hard to see how we can remain a “United” States. In the most hopeful sense, one might imagine that Californians — much as in the case of FDR’s advocacy of the “Four Freedoms” in 1941** — are simply articulating a set of *additional* rights (just as freedom from want and fear were novel concepts at that time) that were traditionally overlooked or undervalued before industrialization and finance changed the country’s social landscape, while not rejecting all of the cultural DNA that has come before.

    Note that freedom of speech and freedom of worship were still venerated by the Democrats of that era.

    The sad reality, however, appears to be that a lot of (mostly younger and “better educated”) Americans in deep blue places do not WANT the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law to influence their lives, and they look toward the radical left and the Biden Administration to “protect” them from such obsolete and outdated concepts. If they are lucky, they will eventually end up living in a society like Cuba or Canada, and perhaps they will be very happy there. More likely, they will get to experience life more along the lines of what obtains in North Korea or in Iran, but by that time it will be far too late for them to have second thoughts about conducting such an experiment.

    Someone once wrote about a “road to serfdom,” but — for the moment — folks in the blue states and cities are all to eager to reject their American heritage and embark on their pilgrimage to the Woke Promised Land.

  • Max

    Zimmerman said;
    “Thus, we find that Democrats and their leftists allies not only oppose free speech and free debate, they appear to be willing to enforce this opposition with violence”

    “Sticks and stones may break your bones” but words will get you a felony with a $10,000 fine and a possible five years in prison… be careful Wayne, Michigan has outlawed undesirable speech. (or anything at all that offends them like a flag tie pin, a red tie, or breathing)

    “Hypothetically speaking, an individual could “feel” intimidated or harassed, for example, for being called by the wrong “preferred pronoun.””

    In Michigan‘s house and senate, whenever a conservative takes the microphone in turn during a debate, The microphone is turned off, so the snowflake liberals won’t have to hear “hate speech”. Representation without representation?
    The real haters are bullying the minority Republicans and feel justified doing so. (Undesirables do not deserve life, liberty, or property) Don’t they realize that they’re braiding their own rope?

  • James Street

    Heh heh heh… Trump stuck a thumb in the left’s eye and delivered the keynote address at the Mom’s For Liberty event.

    LIVE: President Donald J. Trump and other candidates at Moms for Liberty: Joyful Warriors Summit – 6/30/23

  • Andi

    Minor edit in penultimate paragraph: “Bill of Rights”

  • Andi: As always thank you. Typo fixed.

  • Milt

    Here is a more succinct and probably better worded summation of the points that I was trying to make:

    As its author observes:

    “The separation of the political left from any sort of reasonable governance has been obvious for years now. To put it simply, they see the government as their personal weapon for deconstructing the country so they can rebuild society the way they want. They believe this is their right – The right of the collective to socially engineer.

    The notion that elements of the government might serve the interests of conservatives and independents is an unthinkable heresy. And, whenever they don’t get exactly what they want from the government (which is rare) they immediately act as if they have been betrayed; that an ‘insurrection’ is afoot to enslave them.”

    The most difficult thing for average people to grasp — and likewise for many if not most of our elected leaders — is that the radical left has gone far beyond the point of wanting to merely “change” or modify certain aspects of our existing social and political systems, and they fully intend to deconstruct the country and rebuild society the way they want.

    Sadly, there are now so many people in this country that haven’t a clue about “why” our country was created and why we have a Constitution, a Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law — not to mention any inkling of the historical and cultural context out of which these remarkable creations arose — that they can easily enough be led to believe (cf, Rep. Jaamal Bowman) that these institutions are actually impediments to their happiness and well being, and the sooner they are abolished the better. And, as Max suggests, we are seeing this ignorance play out in places like Michigan, Oregon, California, Pennsylvania, and New York.

    As for Max’s question as to whether or not the left realizes that they’re “braiding their own rope,” no, like the Bolsheviks who overthrew the Kerensky Provisional Government in 1917, they fully intend to take power and hang all of the people reading this post. But none of us — probably like most members of the Russian Duma the time — can “believe” that they really intend to do this*. Destroying our country and its institutions is, well, insane, and why would they want to do such a thing? Nor can we easily comprehend why so many people in Michigan and in other places are perfectly fine with the prospect of such a revolution. Yet, they *are* fine with it, and like the residents of Jonestown, they prefer the radical left’s woke Kool-Aid to any other brand.

    *Or that they are “coming for our children.”

    PS — It would seem that the people of France are currently experiencing a slightly later “phase” of the deconstruction of their country / culture / civilization at the hands of the Jacobin left, and it will be instructive to see how they respond.

  • Cotour

    People are arguing that the Constitution is not “White Supremacy”.

    And that is a futile argument to attempt to argue against and it can never be overcome. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights is by definition, at least by the radical Lefts definition exactly that, “White Supremacy”. Nothing more and nothing less. It can be nothing else.

    So, the conclusion is that once again an argument is proposed, and the two sides come to argue against each other, and they are of course both arguing about two different things in two different realities.

    Much like in Strategy Over Morality where there are in effect always two political conversations underway and those in the Pedestrian Realm believe there is one political conversation underway. A bait and switch in effect, and you can NEVER win the argument because the terms and definitions are not known and agreed upon. The deck is stacked, and the house always wins.

    Related: “Remember, you and the vast majority of all others in America today, meaning everyone, never owned slaves. AND most people black or otherwise today in America never were slaves. I believe that the Founders and their Constitution, President Lincoln (R) and President Lyndon B. Johnson (D) and his “Great Society” attempted to in some way shape or form reconcile this issue. And trillions of dollars were spent to make that attempt. To what end?

    Is the son required to pay for the sins of the father? No, no, and no. Just one more modern day political psyops to divide and manipulate people and retain political power.” .

    From: : Loan Forgiveness and Reparations:

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