“Indeed we are not purists. We just want people who fundamentally represent our values.”

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The real tea party platform: “We are not purists. We just want people who fundamentally represent our values.”

Indeed, despite the allegations that we seek purity within the party, it is clear that what we want is a bold party of contrast – whether in the majority or minority. We want a party that will offer a bold stance on immigration and the debt ceiling, for example, and fight for it with equal and opposing force. We want loyal conservatives that share and fight for our conservative values the same way elected liberals fight for the Democrat party platform. Instead we are given a pale pastel version of Republicans who placate conservatives during election years, and then enact the liberal Democrat talking points through clandestine political efforts.

We know who is with us and who is with the political class. Everybody takes bad votes once and a while. Even Ted Cruz recently voted for a bad flood insurance bill. None of us are demanding purity from him because we know that on almost every issue he is not just a vote but a courageous and effective voice for the millions of us who are disenfranchised by the ruling class oligarchy. He fights every day in Washington for us.

The article also looks in detail at the recent debt ceiling vote and notes how it clearly revealed the loyalties of the Republican leadership. As the author states, “The leaders in the House and Senate, along with their boot lickers, are fundamentally against us. Many of us have known and observed this privately for years, but the debt ceiling vote – both in the House and Senate – brought their devious subterfuge out in the open.”

Read it all. Its goal is not to make you give up, but to recognize the difference between the Republicans who matter and the Republicans who are quislings.

More details here about the growing leadership fight in the Republican Party. Based on what I read, the present leadership, especially in the House, is on very thin ice.



  • BSJ

    “None of us are demanding purity” but anyone that doesn’t agree is a boot licker?

  • mpthompson

    Based on what I read, the present leadership, especially in the House, is on very thin ice.

    I’ll believe that the GOP leadership is on thin ice when I see the ice actually break under their feet. And if it does, you can be sure the Dems will rush in to save them as it is in the Dems own best interest to have incompetent, wishy-washy, spineless wimps as their opposition.

  • Read the article. The author makes if very clear that total agreement is not necessary. However, some disagreement is certainly different than those like John McCain who lick the boots of the Democrats and the media.

  • Ed

    I’m afraid too many tea partiers are very similar to many libertarians. I say this as a libertarian, myself. Great ideas but unwilling to give an inch. This article tries to counter this but the fact is many tea partiers are willing to attack republicans who are RINOs, establishment etc (or a multitude of names). than they are to attack democrats. While that may be a noble cause it is not what is needed at this point in time. The worst “RINO” is hundreds of times better than Obama. But far too many tea partiers think that this is the time to fight against those who support them, albeit not in the exact way they wish. It’s easier than fighting the democrats and makes for a better show. Unfortunately it plays right into the democrats plans. Which means we have a long way to go and won’t fix this soon. In fact, many tea party supporters are counting on a complete collapse to give them an edge. It’s a fools bet. Socialism/Communism can proceed for generations before the collapse occurs, as we have seen elsewhere in the world.

  • Cotour

    Libertarianism is a general idealistic philosophy and a reference, not something to hang your entire political hat on. Tea Party members / Independents are going to have to get strategic and practical about who they are going to support and what their realistic goals are to be. This will only be able to be able to come to fruition if the proper leader emerges that is paletable and can properly communicate what it is that needs to be communicated. Constitutional concepts, benevolence, personal strength, reasonable conviction to a cause and a proper American vision of where we need to be in the future.

    Scott Walker

    Ted Cruz

    Mike Lee

    These are the people who are being vilified by the opposition and these are the men who will lead the country back to some estimation of a Constitutional America. Keep this in mind, civilization has in general trended towards a more liberal view of our country and by extension the world. This trend is directly as a result of the American Constitution for the most part. The abuses of power that are occurring due to the power anomaly that is the modern Democratic party, is just that, an anomaly IMO. An anomaly based in the push back to the obvious abuses of power of the previous Republican abuses of power which has given birth to this chimera which is this combination of the Republican and the Democrat party who have this sick symbiotic relationship.

    What is important is to have the battle, the battle is where the future is set. The moment has not arrived yet where the people are willing to have the battle (the intellectual battle at the voting booth). The people are getting very close and you will begin to see it demonstrated this coming November. What has to be watched is the democrat party and this president being willing to push it to the max in order to cement their sick paradigm in place for the foreseeable future. Just some thoughts on the subject.

  • Kelly Starks

    John McCain was always the most popular Rep among Dems.
    Also he has always picked his policies based on the recent poles.
    And hes a master of lieing by speaking the half truths that make him sound good.

    Not known as a honorable or honest person even by the standard of DC.

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