India and Narendra Modi: Freedom’s New Trumpet?

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India and Narendra Modi: Freedom’s new trumpet?

What so many seem loath to accept is that India’s voters have dealt a massive, perhaps even final blow to a near 100-year failed investment in socialist economics. Modi’s [political party] and Modi himself are both emphatically pro-free market and were decisively elected in large measure due to their promise to free up India’s economy. Modi’s free market credentials were hard for even his harshest critics to gainsay. As three-term Chief Minister, or governor, of India’s most prosperous state Gujarat, Modi showed India and the world that indeed it was possible to replace the sclerosis of India’s hidebound bureaucratic morass with a thriving growth and prosperity.

India’s population has strongly recognized the value of freedom and individual achievement and rejected big government. If only this lesson could be learned here in the U.S.


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  • mpthompson

    How much of this shift towards free markets is tied up in Modi himself? Sadly to say, history has demonstrated that problematic indivuals are easily dealt with by the leviathan state. As in, no person, no problem. However, if this is truly a movement of the Indian people and larger than Modi himself, there is hope.

  • Competential

    He’s said to be a friend of the Indian space program. Sounds too good to be true, a libertarian leaning politician who still wants to invest in space!

  • One look at the election results will tell you that this is the choice of the Indian people themselves. Modi won big, very big, and has the largest majority in their legislature for a prime minister in decades.

  • I wonder how much of an influence the tens (hundreds?) of thousands of Indians who have gone to school and worked in this country have had on the Indian body politic? American liberal democracy may be fading fast, but if the ideas take root in the world’s second most populous country, that may be legacy enough.

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