India hires private companies to build satellite

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The competition heats up: For the first time India’s space agency ISRO has signed a deal with a private consortium of private companies to have them build satellites.

The contract signed on Friday includes assembly, integration and testing (AIT) of two spare navigation satellites consecutively in around 18 months. It was signed between M. Annadurai, Director of ISRO Satellite Centre (ISAC), and the consortium lead, Alpha Design Technologies P Ltd. ISAC assembles the country’s satellites for communication, remote sensing and navigation.

From the third year, Indian industry could expect competitive bids for a new lot of spacecraft of 300-500-kg class, perhaps five a year, for both ISRO and for export, Col. H.S. Shankar (retd), CMD of Alpha Design, told The Hindu. This is the first time that ISRO has outsourced an entire satellite to industry, said Col. Shankar .

The Modi government appears to be trying here to emulate NASA in putting private companies in charge of construction, rather than having things designed and built in-house by ISRO. This is a very good sign. If they do it now, in the early days of their space effort, they can reduce ISRO’s ability to grow into a large bureaucracy with its own vested interests.


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  • LocalFluff

    Isn’t it Modi who is personally interested in space flight and personally ordered that the MOM spacecraft would carry a methane detector? The one that malfunctioned by design.

    India’s sudden money reform, where all high denomination bills are declared not to be money any more and only can be exchanged into lower denominations if one can prove that they have been honestly earned and taxed. Many millions of Indians were ruined over night. The crash in public demand for goods have forced manufacturing companies to mass layoffs and production stops. People are afraid that other paper bills also will be declared worthless. Total financial meltdown. And the purpose is to get rid of the huge black sector. But that represent a very large share of all value creation in India. Without it they’ll have the deepest depression ever. That single political decision can very well cause a global financial crisis and recession, and in any case the severest of depressions in India, just over night, by the governments conscious decision. Modi has proven that he is totally stupid, one of the stupidest political leaders in world history. He’s probably considering starting a surprise nuclear war on the US too now, also that without any reason or thought to it. Any good decision he makes is pure luck.

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