India’s 2019 space plans

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The new colonial movement: In outlining India’s plans for space in 2019, the head of India’s space agency ISRO revealed that they are going to try to complete fourteen launches, more than one per month and a pace that would double that nation’s previous annual record.

For the last two years ISRO has been making this same prediction. They failed to come close in either year. I suspect however that in 2019 they will have better luck.



  • India could, if it wanted, put a crew on the Moon before China, via a 4-launch scenario using GSLV mk. III. They’re clearly capable of designing an Apollo LM-class lander to go with Gaganyaan. EOR for LM+transstage. EOR for Gaganyaan+transstage. Then LOR for LM+Gaganyaan. It’d be little, but it’d be done, and probably before the Chinese get to the Moon. Of course, a SpaceX Starship will probably get there first, and they can call be cheered on by the crew of the LOP-G.

  • Dick Eagleson

    If SH-Starship development moves as quickly as current SpaceX plans call for, the first Starship landing on the Moon will happen years before even the first piece of Gateway is delivered to lunar orbit. This will be true even if there are two or three years of schedule slippage for SH-Starship. But I think SH-Starship will be pretty much on-time arrivals. If this is even approximately true, I hope it results in the cancellation of Gateway – and of SLS and Orion, too, if both have not already been cancelled even earlier.

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