Insufficiently servile.

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Insufficiently servile.

As he concludes,

So, that was my contact with the DoD police today. At every confrontation, they clearly expected me to respond with the appropriate degree of subservience, and were baffled and angered that I refused to do so. So, they couldn’t let it go. They just kept coming back to my office, as if repeated confrontations would make me more, rather than less, servile. And all this for something that wasn’t any sort of criminal offense.

It says a lot—none of it good—that the police seem to have the expectation of unquestioning obedience. It also says a lot that they seem used to getting it, which is our fault, not theirs.


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  • Willian

    Your experience was unfortunate. Sadly this has become the standard with civilian “law enforcement” as well.

    On a positive note, I enjoy your work Mr. Zimmerman, especially the radio interviews. Quite informative.
    Happy holidays.

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