Insurance companies are already saying that they cannot go along with Obama’s decision to suspend the cancellation of insurance policies.

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Surprise, surprise! Insurance companies are already saying that they cannot go along with Obama’s decision to suspend the cancellation of insurance policies.

As stated by an insurance representative:

This a new insanity.

I do not know how the insurance carriers and federal government are going to be dealing with this. First, many states require a 60-day notice of a change in plan or a cancellation. It’s November 15! How can they comply with this new element of federal law, and with their state laws?

As I said, if I was an insurance company I would continue to simply follow Obamacare as written. This action carries the least legal risk.

Which means Obama’s proposal today is mere show and will accomplish nothing. The Democrats remain politically exposed. If the Republicans had any brains, they would move now to propose a full repeal of Obamacare.


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  • wodun

    Obama is about to go full Chavez.

  • Kelly Starks

    I read McCain has come out talking about a full repeal of obamcare. Given how much times hes spent chiding other republicans who were saying that for months, and his love of hoping on any side with a political wind at its back – this is a sign.

  • Cotour

    McCain is said to be considering setting up to run again for the presidency. If he is delusional enough to believe the people who surround him in this opinion then he is just politically shifting to pander to his base, whom ever that may be. I find such a thought that McCain is seriously considering such a thing to be absurd and a kind of sick, insane joke.

    Mr. McCain retire, go fishing, get real, you running again is as likely as Joe Biden running. Hey, maybe just for some fun maybe you and Joe could combine your strengths and both run together for the presidency. You could toss a coin for who will lead the ticket.

  • Pzatchok

    Our Dear Leader has spoken, how dare they even think they could deny the request.

    Our Dear Leader is only thinking of us. He has a loving heart and knows best for us.

  • ken anthony

    But Obama said they could break the law!? Marxist never lie you know.

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