Iowa City police seized $48K in cash from a Minnesota couple during a traffic stop in March and now refuse to return it.

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Theft by government: Iowa City police seized $48K in cash from a Minnesota couple during a traffic stop in March and now refuse to return it.

The publication says Kearnice C. Overton, of St. Paul, was pulled over March 16 for speeding. Overton’s kids were in the car at the time. Police say a K-9 signal gave them the authority to search the car, the Press-Citizen reports. So they did, found the $48,000 in cash, and seized it.

Overton says he got the money from his wife, Tiffani D.S. Barber, to buy some property in Iowa; he drove down there, the deal fell through so he was on his way home. Barber and Overton filed a petition stating the money was wrongly seized – no charges were filed, Overton was not arrested, and he claims it wasn’t illegally earned – and they want it back, the Press-Citizen reports. [emphasis mine]

So, police can take your money, even if you broke no law, and keep it. A good deal, especially since there is no one around to arrest them for theft.


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  • Orion314

    When the “powers-that-be” , at the top, set new paradigms of lying/cheating/theft/ debauchery on a Romanesque scale that would embarass Caligula, it should be no surprise that small town red-neck shitkickers come up with a new way to get that bass boat they’ve had a hankerin’ fer…

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