IPCC announces reforms for next report

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The IPCC announced this week it has established new procedures in an effort to avoid the problems that occurred with the last report.

I remain very skeptical of these reforms, as well as anything this UN organization publishes. Consider this quote for example:

On the issue of citing non-peer-reviewed literature, such as reports from nongovernmental organizations and climate activists, the new procedures say that IPCC report authors can include such documents “as long as they are scientifically and technically valid. [emphasis mine]

How convenient. Decide that something written by Greenpeace is “scientifically and technically valid” and you can use it as evidence.


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  • Kelly Starks

    The classic IPCC case was when it was pointed out to them that the conclusions in one of their big yearly reports contradicted the conclusions in the scientific papers in the report; the IPCC rep said they were aware of that and would edit the scientific papers for greater consistency with the reports conclusion.

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