Iran now has enough enriched uranium to build six nuclear bombs.

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Fiddling while Rome burns: Iran now has enough enriched uranium to build six nuclear bombs.

What gives me the willies is this quote:

Meanwhile, Iran, in collaboration with China and North Korea, has stockpiled more than 1,000 ballistic missiles capable of reaching all U.S. bases and oil fields in the region, Israel and several capitals in Europe. Iran currently is working on intercontinental ballistic missiles under the guise of its space program that will soon be capable of reaching any point on the planet. It has produced hundreds of cruise missiles, a clear threat to the flow of oil out of the Persian Gulf, and has armed its vessels with long-range ballistic missiles, with plans to expand its naval mission into the Atlantic Ocean and right behind the Gulf of Mexico.

According to a former intelligence officer of the Revolutionary Guards now defected to a country in Europe, Iran also has several neutron bombs (super-electromagnetic weapons). The source, who attended a commanders’ briefing by the Revolutionary Guards, said they have discussed a strategy in which “many planes will fall from the sky” — a clear indication that Iran is prepared to deliver an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. The International Atomic Energy Agency has verified that Iran has test-launched ballistic missiles off ships in an exercise similar to an EMP attack.

Worse, the leaders of Iran have made it clear they are quite willing — in the name of Allah — to use these weapons to commit wholesale genocide.


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  • wodun

    We should know exactly what Iran has thanks to stuxnet, duqu, flame, and who knows what else. Maybe someday us little people will find out what the government knew and when tbey knew it.

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