Iran officials thumb their noses at Trump

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Responding to Trump administration statements “putting Iran on notice” for its ballistic missile tests in violation of UN resolutions, Iran officials responded today by saying they don’t care and that there is nothing the U.S. can do to stop them.

The most frightening quote from this story however is this:

While Iran says its missile program is aimed at displaying the country’s “deterrent power and its ability to confront any threat”, some IRGC commanders have said that Iran’s medium-range ballistic missiles were designed to be able to hit Israel.

Iran refuses to recognize Israel.

Remember, Iran has already had one leader who advocated wiping Israel off the face of the Earth.



  • BSJ

    Iran is a close ally of Russia.

    Do you really think Putin will let Trump do anything of substance against them?

  • wayne

    Good point.
    Persia & Russia have a long, long, history together.

    “You Know You’re Right”
    (let us push this, to 39 million views!)

  • LocalFluff

    I ran for death wish. Saudid he, but I qoud weit.

    The President calling to a meeting his inner cabinette of the foreign minister and the defense minister (his dogs):
    – Come here Rex, come here Mad Dog! Sit down. Sit! You’ve gotta sit down! Sit.

    – Now, do you like the oil!? Do you like it? Do you want it? Do you wanna go get the oil? Do you Rex? Do you, Mad Dog? Go get it! Go get the oil! Gooo get it, go go go!!

  • wayne

    we no longer need middle-east oil…I say, “let us irradiate ALL of theirs!” You Europeans can do whatever you want with the rubble once it stops glowing.

    Lockheed Martin
    Trident II D5 SLBM Achieves 148 Successful Test Flights Since 1989

  • LocalFluff

    When we the Europeans controlled the Middle East as our colonies, the arape slaves enjoyed their best time ever. As in terms of peace and economic and social development. And we harvested their oil to a great benefit of the industrialization. But the arapes don’t like good. The arapes only like bad. They just wanna kill and die.

    The opposition says:
    Go get the oil! Go get it. Get it, go go go!

  • wayne

    (I do enjoy your flair & I am not entirely unsympathetic. And I shouldn’t lump all you folks together as “European,”– my ancestors were Dutch/German & Ukrainian.)

    I wish “you guys” would step up, quit your commie/socialist ways, and take over the middle east. Then you wouldn’t have to buy all your oil from Putin’s gas-station.

  • LocalFluff

    Get the oil! Go get it! Go go get the oil.
    If you do not understand this, there’s something wrong with you. Something that risks to fail you. Just go get the oil! Get a dog, or two, and a minister and get the oil!

  • Tom Billings

    It’s hard to tell in the preceding comments what is sarcasm and what is not.

    That said, one may note the limitations the US now has in putting *anyone* above the grade of Somalian pirate strongholds “on notice”. The Obama administration has gutted much of the logistical backup needed for sustained military activity around the world. While people note the declines in the numbers of planes and warships and line infantry battalions, they do pay far less attention to the logistical support structure needed for keeping US armed forces in effective combat action over any significant period of time.

    These have been devastated. The move of troops from Germany to the westernmost part of Poland was less than 200 kilometers by road, yet it strains the supply capacity of present US forces assigned to NATO. The situation in the Pacific is worse outside of Korea and Okinawa.

    Building back the logistical capacity will take *years*, especially in the naval shipyards and other high tech areas. You do not just stop and start a Navy! The PRC is taking decades to learn how to build, crew, operate and maintain small aircraft carriers on its seacoast. This ability, as expressed in the skills of senior chiefs with the knowledge of how to do the jobs, can be lost in a single decade of neglect, and the US has come quite close.

    As an example, both the US Marines and the USAF are once again depending on “the Boneyard” at Monthan AFB for spare parts for their aircraft. Even there, the senior chiefs and other maintenance techs that can identify what they need on an older plane have been leaving the service in record numbers. Maybe the new administration will see people regain a little hope, enough to re-up. Maybe.

    If we see that, then the rebuilding can begin in both the regulars and the reserves, if Congress allocates funds.They say they will. If the funds are not siphoned off to favored sub-contractors of congressional committee chairs, then by the end of 3 years the US *may* again have the ability to actually do anything to stop someone like Iran from intimidating the rest of the M.E. on a sustained basis. *If* that trend is sustained through a second 4 year term, then people will once again refrain from sneering at US officials. Till then, we will have to hear the sneers, and take names, for when we can do something about it on a sustained basis.

  • wayne

    Tom B–
    Good stuff.

  • ken anthony

    You nailed it Tom. Our guys can fix it in time.

    The thing is, we don’t need the full military for some of these actors, but we do need to be ready if we ever do. We avoided the bullet of more years of neglect.

  • LocalFluff

    Just blockade the trade with the arapes, and they have nothing. They don’t manufacture things, so they are totally oil dependent. Iran has no air force and no navy, they only use terrorism and politics. Let them take Saudi’s oil (which is where the Saudi shia arabs live).

    Russia is extremely successful in the Middle East. They are now allied with all the large nations in the region: Iran, Turkey, Egypt although they are each other enemies. And Iran controls Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen. Russia now directly and indirectly controls the route Crimea, Bosporus, Suez, Mandeb.

    NATO’s humiliating defeat during the last quarter of a century has only caused them enemies and problems. And NATO’s Middle East policy never even had any purpose. Just blockade them and they will smuggle their oil at a bargain, like Saddam Hussein did and he even had to bribe UN officials to do it. The only interest of any country in the region is to sell oil to the West, at any price. That is the only thing of value they have. The arapes will have no weapons if the civilized world, where things are manufactured, doesn’t export them to them.

    But mass murder and torture is the definition of what arape culture is, they throw stones when they haven’t stolen any manufactured item. That won’t change now 1,400 years later. Let’em keep on mass murdering and torturing each other, who cares? Arapism is a pest which will not end until the second last arape suicide bombs the last arape. Death is the only cure for the arapic pest, and killing is the only thing they are good at so nature has its automatic solution. Just lock the cage and they will take care of each other.

  • Insomnius

    LocalFluff, ..I like you man. BUT, I think you have been possessed by the spirit of Killary! You just described a big part of the globalists agenda there. And that is what Obama has been doing for the last 8 years, while weakening(maybe even deliberately?) the USA. The progressive neo-cons don’t care if they start WW3.

  • pzatchok

    Iran is a big bag of hot air. For now.

    But as soon as they prove they are in the nuclear club then they will have to put on their big boy pants.

    They do not have a single neighbor that would appreciate an accidental nuke going off in their land.

    No matter what Israel will shoot down any missile before it reaches Israel. And at that point all the gloves come off. Every military asset they have will soon become just a large pile of junk. Every port and airstrip and rail line will be disabled. Every power station and communications tower will be taken down. Every nation around them will cut them off and isolate them.
    All without placing a single US boot on the ground inside Iran. After those first few days the next move is up to Iran and its people.
    The whole time we could be broadcasting into Iran the real World News and encouraging the people to overthrow the theocracy.

  • ken anthony

    The shame is there are a lot of good, decent Iranian people. Japan is not the last time nukes will be used. Obama has brought us much closer to the day.

    Trump has a chance to deal with Iran so they don’t get nuked. But all the rioters could distract from dealing with the issue. How do you build peace when all your time is spent putting out fires?

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