Iran orbits a satellite

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The competition, and other things, heats up: Iran state media announced today that the country had successfully launched its fourth satellite into orbit.

The reports were very lacking in information, but if true, this launch is significant in that it once again demonstrates that Iran has the capability of placing a nuclear warhead anyone on Earth. That, combined with its nuclear program that the Obama administration is allowing Iran to complete means that no one on Earth is safe from attack from this country, which only recently was ruled by a man who thought it okay to wipe whole countries he didn’t like off the map.



  • Cotour

    Well, they do have the right to develop any weapons systems that they determine to be necessary, Its only fair. And America should help them and any other country, whether friend or foe to develop any weapons system they believe they need because fairness is how the world operates and enemies should be seen as just misunderstood and put upon by others.

    And under Mr. Obama that “equality” goal will soon be full filled through the good works of Valarie Jarret (born in Iran) and the other equality seekers that surround him. Its a beautiful new world that we have spread before us.

    (extreme sarcasm alert for Edward here)

  • Pzatchok

    They should be allowed to build anything they want.

    But if they can not protect it from outside attacks then its just a waste of money and time.

    I in no way want them to have any nuclear bombs. But the fact is since they will have them they then must play real real nice with the rest of the world or run the very real risk of being the recipient of a first strike.

    Until now they have been little more than wind bags. But since they want to run with the big dogs they better learn to keep a civil mouth of face a slap down when they step out of line.

    Tactically they have no real power. And thus no real defense. They have no way of projecting their power except by ICBM.

  • Cotour

    True enough, but the fact that the Obama administration has actively allowed this new nuclear power to be realized from the beginning, even encouraged it is the real issue. You may assume that the Iranians will show restraint and control, I am not so optimistic. Their goal is a devastating launch against Israel and Obama appears to be facilitating that goal.

    They are being given the opportunity to ask for forgiveness rather than permission after the fact.

    I don’t know if the fact that Obamas number one adviser is Valarie Jarret who was born in Iran and Iran has benefited greatly from his presidency, that seems a significant fact, even though she left Iran when she was a young girl. I have to think that there is a direct correlation between the two.

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