Iran reveals the Iran deal facilitated aiming 100,000 missiles at Israel

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So how’s that Iran deal doing, Washington? Iran’s leaders reveal that the Iran deal was their way to make it easier to make and aim missiles at Israel.

They claim they have 100,000 missiles in Lebanon aimed at the West Bank, and are enthusiatic about their possible use.



  • pzatchok


    But its just Israel, a small unimportant nation in the middle east.
    In fact if it was never created by the US the crazy Radical Muslims would still love everyone and be at peace with the world.
    Its really just the Jewz fault in the end. If not for them, Jesus PBUH would have lived. (The fact that Jesus was a Jew escapes so many Muslims and antisemites its funny and sad.)

    Sarcasm off

    I am not sure if the Iran deal facilitated 100,000 rockets being aimed at Israel but it definitely gave them the cash to do it faster.

    Buy his actions the big BO has demonstrated his love for Islam and his hatred for western ideals and Israel specifically.

    Judge a man not by his words but by his actions. They show his true heart and they alone are what his history is made of.

  • PeterF

    Israel is the eastern border of western civilization.

  • LocalFluff

    Iran taking over the Middle East, especially the Gulf now when the Saudis implode any day, in alliance with Russia who has a naval base in Syria, sounds like the worst possible scenario for Israel. I am not surprised that politicians are evil. But I am baffled by how stupid they are. Israel should bomb Iran back to the stone age it has as its ideal world order. Why do they even care about what leftist westeners think about it? Just do it before it gets worse. This is going the wrong way.

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