Iran tests short range missile

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Does this make you feel safer? Iran today launched a short range Mersad surface-to-air missile on a 35 mile test flight.

The launch took place on the same launchpad where earlier in the week they had placed and then removed an orbital Safir rocket, designed to put satellites into orbit. Why they removed it and launched the short range missile instead remains unknown



  • Orion314

    I’m getting this old , sad sense of Déjà Vu, all over again. Something I vaguely recall about
    ‘Duck & Cover’ whilst tuning in to your local ConalRad (Control of Electromagnetic Radiation) station
    on the AM dial..sigh

  • Cotour

    I just this morning wrote this email to my friend, Fishman, who for some reason based in property rights and ownership and the “rights” of others, supports the Iran deal. I can not believe that things like this have to be explained to some people. I find it amazing and suicidal to boot.

    This is the problem with how you think:

    Fishman pisses someone off (believe me, it happens) and gets into a hassle with a guy on the street.

    The guy pulls a gun and clearly intends to kill Fishman, but Fishman gets the advantage and takes the gun from him.

    Fishman opens the gun and shakes the bullets from it and holds both the gun and the bullets.

    The guy gets up off the floor and says to Fishman ” thats my gun”.

    Fishman (a Liberal Democrat and supporter of the Iran deal) recognizes the technical validity of that statement, agrees, and hands the gun back to his opponent.

    Then the guy says ” those are also my bullets”, Fishman again can find no fault with his opponents logic, the bullets are his property.

    So Fishman again now hands back to the “proper” owner the bullets.

    It turns out in the will I got a very nice chronograph watch and a custom made Mammoth ivory handled knife out of the deal.

    Why did Fishman not keep the gun and the bullets? You never willingly empower your enemies. NEVER, not without rock solid concessions and guarantees.

    This is the fundamental problem with your thinking, sometimes it does not matter who is technically “right” and who is “wrong”, especially when it comes to politics and strategy.

    Until you understand this fundamentally ALL of your logic and conclusions are suspect.

  • wayne

    A Day Called X
    Dramatized atomic evacuation of Portland, Oregon.

  • Steve Earle

    Cotour, excellent example. How did he respond to your logic?

    And is your friend an Ideologue at heart and thus beyond logic or just a “Useful Idiot” (and thus probably also beyond logic LOL) ?

  • Cotour

    I just sent it to him this morning, awaiting his reply. I am confident it will not be sterling or for him to take my simple yet instructive example to heart.

    He is a “well” meaning so called “democrat” (small D) who rails about and constantly / obsessively worries that Trump will some how make money from his presidency. A kind of Democrat / Liberal who is very narrowly focused on things that really do not concern him and his failure to be more broadly concerned, threatens us all. But that is him.

    Its funny, as I now recall he could see the Travon Martin situation correctly as a self defence issue (and that Zimmerman was still a jackass) but is unable to properly see this Iran deal in proper perspective because Obama, a president that he seriously believes will go down as one of THEEE best U.S. presidents ever. (I say he is theee worst and he goes far beyond just being a “bad” president, he IMO is a treasonous president.)

    And as a cherry on top, HE IS JEWISH! (I shakith my head)

    Maybe the Zman can explain this Jewish type thinking, it is way beyond me.

  • Orion314

    Agree Cotour,
    My question is “Does the Trump Administration have the balls to arrest HRC and Barry O on charges of Treason”?
    Two people IMHO , that are far more dangerous than any Columbian druglord by light years.

  • Cotour

    HRC and Obama have a pass / get out of jail free card in their pockets.

    Obama has been empowered by a majority of the voting population of America twice, and HRC has just received 63 million votes of the popular vote in the last election. They both in many ways have existed and still exist before the law regarding any consequences related to anything that they did while they were empowered.

    Obama has the more solid pass and HRC may suffer some level of legal consequences for the illegal email server and the double dealing she did for her foundation, but probably not much.

    This is politics, good for me but not for thee.

  • LocalFluff

    Fishman simply suffers from a random mutation in his brain that happens to make him unable to survive. Happens all the time, always has.

  • Edward

    You wrote: “He is a ‘well’ meaning so called ‘democrat’ (small D) who rails about and constantly / obsessively worries that Trump will some how make money from his presidency.

    Does he think that Obama did not make money from his presidency?

  • Cotour

    Since all Democrats / Liberals are intellectually dishonest, in a word, no, he does / is not able to see that at all, he is only focused on Trump and what he MIGHT make due to his presidency, he sees $$$$as his primary reason for running. (Trump for a long time can make nothing but money)

    In his opinion Putin controls Trump and anything that he does is because he is his puppet. He was also not able to see that HRC and her husband and their foundation while Secretary Of State was collectively paid over time $50 plus million dollars related to the uranium deal which gave the Russians control over 20% of OUR uranium. The New York Times did a very extensive and excellent story on this corruption during 2015. Charts, diagrams the whole enchilada. Did not ever recognize it.

    Nor was he able to see the insane $$$ speaking fees paid to Bill Clinton as being front loaded payments related to access to power “when” his wife would eventually become president. Thank God that money was a bad bet for the “investors” / backers.

    Speaking of which, HRC’s son in law, who was the darling of Lloyd Blankfein via his interest $$$ in backing HRC, just closed his hedge fund after he lost almost 1 BILLION DOLLARS betting on Greek debt. (Yeah, Greek debt is where I would want to be making huge bets.) No biggie.

    He sees none of these actual real and on going things.

  • LocalFluff

    Sean Hannity of Fox just had a good term for this:
    “A pre-911 mindset.”

    Let the terrorists murder you and your family. Don’t try to survive. Just play stupid and die. If the 9th circuit judges have their way, they themselves will be stoned to death on the street in a few years. Evolution says that they are too stupid to survive, they never understood the most obvious and most important thing about life.

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