Iran to launch satellite?

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Does this make you feel safer? Iran is preparing to launch a new ballistic missile capable of placing satellites in orbit.

The Simorgh rocket is a new development not seen previously. Its launch would also be a violation of a UN resolution forbidding Iran to do such research, but who cares about that? It wouldn’t be violation of the great deal Obama negotiated for us with Iran, a deal that they themselves never endorsed.



  • Cotour

    That’s what that 150 Billion dollars was about, “making America safe” by empowering Americas enemy’s and reconciling Americas offenses to Iran since the installation of the Sha, without any required substantive concessions.

    An example of “moral literalism” practiced by our leader Barak Hussein Obama.

    Its his morality based only in his sense of what good strategy for America is (leftist philosophy). A consequence of our election process.

    Get on board the peace train.

  • Wayne

    Let’s not forget it was Senator Bob Corker, Republican, who engineered the Bill, along with Mitch, to declare the Iran-Treaty wasn’t really a Treaty, and paved the way for Iran, & thus abrogated the power of the Senate to cancel it in it’s tracks.

    I remember Cruz fighting it, don’t recall Trump saying a word. Trump gave money to Mitch to defeat his Conservative opponent in Mitch’s last Senate run, whom btw is now Governor of Kentucky.

    -Just to be accurate, the $150 billion wasn’t US tax-money, they were Iranian assets we seized in 1979 & had been holding them as leverage. But a travesty to be sure, nonetheless, and now funds devious schemes of the Iranian’s.

    Trump promises to “make deals,” and “be neutral” when it comes to Israel & the Middle East.

  • wodun

    “Let’s not forget it was Senator Bob Corker, Republican, who engineered the Bill, along with Mitch, to declare the Iran-Treaty wasn’t really a Treaty”

    Yup! And people wonder why the GOPe is held in so little regard these days.

    Another thing to remember is that Iran didn’t sign this agreement. Its all pretend. The only thing binding here seems to be the agreement made between the IAEA and Iran in regard to what the IAEA can do and release to the global public.

  • Cotour

    Yes, I know it was their money, but it was frozen for a strategic reason, agree with the reason or not it was frozen for a strategic reason and not based on “fairness”.

    Trump on the Iran deal:

    Iran, Iraq and most of the other countries in the middle east are (simplistically) creations of the British, Americans and the French, their borders are not the result of much more than colonialism and economic “opportunities”. Obama IMO is compensating them for these offences as he can, as he is compensating Cuba for the same.

    This president has empowered and enriched both of these countries, Iran and Cuba without any required capitulation because he apparently judges the things that America has done in the past to be “wrong” or an abuse of power. And they may have been abuses of power, but that at this level of the chess game is of little or no consequence.

    You do not enrich your enemy with 150 billion dollars, EVEN IF IT IS THEIR OWN MONEY without getting your concessions. You just do not give away leverage without a sound reason, and I do not see Obamas and J. Kerry’s reasons as being reasonable or sound.

    This is Obama’s version of reality based in his morality, that’s why I call him a “moral literailst”.

  • Wayne

    I explicitly said:
    “But a travesty to be sure, nonetheless, and now funds devious schemes of the Iranian’s.”
    You’re preaching to the choir on the Iran Deal. ( I agree with you.) Don’t over explain, please. (I tend to do that enough for the both of us–HAR :) )
    Trump– I don’t believe, even realizes that factoid.
    Trump… appears to think that Treaties are “deals.” He could negotiate any “great deal” he wants, but without the Senate concurring, it would all just be fluff. (not Local Fluff, just plain, old, fluff.)
    –I don’t believe he’s ever read the Constitution, he never references it…
    Good point. And even the “binding part” is only as good as the word of the Iranian’s, ya know!?
    I rather think it’s the GOP establishment that doesn’t realize how little they are regarded anymore. I think we’ve been on to them for quite some time, eh?!

  • John Davis

    Iran was NOT a creation of Sykes-Picot after WWI (it wasn’t even part of the Ottoman Empire for goodness sakes, it fought the Turks off successfully for three centuries). It’s one of the four oldest extant countries in the world. Helps to know the most basic facts about a country y’all go so out of your way to demonize.

    Oh, and go ahead and tell them they’re not allowed to have a civilian space program because you don’t like the fact they don’t kiss your hind quarters like the Arabs, O Great White Fathers.

    They’ve been around over 10 times longer than you, and you have to stay the world’s sole superpower another 122 years to match their first tenure, let alone the next three times they rose as a superpower (a feat unequalled in history by any other country).

  • Wayne

    Personally, my opinion only–for Persia/Iran… I want their leaders killed & their cities vaporized.

  • John Davis


    Excellent. You just justified any covert nuclear program they might have. Nothing like a country with 7000 thermonuclear warheads wanting to vaporize your cities and exterminate your people to motivate a country to develop nukes.

    Out of curiosity, why Iran? They have, by all accounts of Americans who’ve actually been there, the friendliest, most pro-American people in the region. They’re also the only ones in the region who held candlelight vigils the night of 9/11 instead of dancing and ululating in the streets. You want to murder 80 million people who actually share your hate for their government, but Saudi Arabia who supplied virtually all the terrorists who killed over 4000 Americans in a single day gets a pass from your targeting matrix. Wow.

  • Wayne

    – I determine the policy of people who have as their stated goal the destruction of the state of Israel & the United States? Hardly.

    Don’t want to “exterminate” anyone, want their leaders killed and *enough* of their cities destroyed so they capitulate in their nuclear ambitions. (I should have been more precise on who I want pre-emptively killed & what I want broken beyond repair–start at the top & work down & outward; leadership, religious, military, followed by major infrastructure. Then we come home.
    It’s a religious dictatorship (what 37 years?) with delusions of Armageddon & the desire, means, & goal of bringing it about. Innocent people will suffer, they can blame their rulers, not me.

    Want the islamo-nazi’s killed & all of their stuff broken, as well. Make no distinction between Persian or Arab religious whack-jobs, or State actors, when it comes to people/Nations who vow to destroy my Country & kill me simply because I’m an American. Sick of all that & feel no need to apologize as our President does on every occasion.

    The morally self righteous mumbo-jumbo falls on deaf ears & I hear it not. I take no pleasure in stating what will inevitably have to be done, to a high degree of destruction, and not exclusively to Iran.
    I am however, sick of these backward totalitarian States & religious extremist terrorists calling the shots, killing Americans & Israelis, & trying drag me into their 13th century nightmare.

    “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”
    George Orwell

    -my opinion alone & no reflection on BtB or anyone else who posts here-

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